The Matcha Bowl

CAP Beauty + Raina Lee

Elevate your morning (or afternoon) ritual with this Matcha Tea Bowl collaboration inspired by nature and Chinese antiques. Made with one of our favorite California artists and ceramicists, Raina Lee, these bowls are constructed from red clay, with a white glaze and painted cobalt images evoking a weekend spent in the forest. Raina makes everything lovingly by hand, meaning each bowl will look slightly different from the next — perfectly imperfect — a style we appreciate deeply. Note that the picture may not look exactly like the one you get, but it will be in the same family and will surely transport you to a land of old growth trees, log cabins and woodland animals. Add to your ceramics collection with this beautiful, and highly collectible, blue and white tea vessel from Raina and CAP.

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Height: 3 inches

Diameter: 4.5 inches  


We use the bowl for Matcha, making masks, serving soup. It’s anything you want it to be, use it as often as you can, with love and care.