The Reishi mushroom, known in traditional Chinese texts as the mushroom of immortality, has a regulating effect on our immune system and has even been seen to fight tumors and cancerous cells. Regarded as “king of mushrooms,” Reishi, is an "immuno-modulator," meaning that it helps us live longer and stay healthier by continually bringing the body back to homeostasis, impacting both our routine cellular functions and more intricate systems such as the endocrine (hormonal), immune, cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive. This adaptogen is also strongly anti-inflammatory and promotes mental clarity and focus. Delicious in soups, tonics or anything chocolate, Reishi imparts a rich, earthy flavor that plays well with many different dishes. Founded by Costa Rican herbalist, Adriana Ayales, Anima Mundi bridges ancient remedies with the modern world, using organic, wildcrafted and ethically grown botanicals to bring our our best selves. Support your health with Reishi. 4oz / 113g

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Add 1/2 tsp to any beverage or meal. We especially love it added to tea, coffee, tonics and soups.


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Mushroom* Organic, grown in Washington State. Cracked cell wall for optimized bioavailability.