Manuka for Munchkins


Manuka for Munchkins is the same Raw Mānuka Honey sourced from New Zealand you’ve come to know and love from Activist, but crafted especially for your little ones. Containing medicinal grade levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties, Mānuka Honey is well-regarded as the most unique and beneficial form of honey in the world, offering up a multitude of healing benefits, anti-inflammatory effects and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. To extend the incredible advantages of this miracle superfood to their very own children, founders of Activist, Gabrielle and Luke, spent years developing the perfect flavor and texture of Mānuka Honey that their kids would adore. With a smoother texture and slightly sweeter flavor profile, Mānuka for Munchkins is excellent drizzled on your child’s granola, oats, yogurt, fruit or toast, or added to a cup of tea or warm milk. Also lending external wound healing properties, Mānuka for Munchkins can be used topically on small cuts or burns to aid in the healing process. Make Mānuka for Munchkins part of your child’s daily routine for added nutrients, immune and gut support and to boost and safeguard their overall health and well-being. Share a sweet spoonful with those you love, and want to protect, the most. 12.3oz/350g.

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Give your child a teaspoon of Raw Manuka for Munchkins daily to support their overall immunity. Increase the dose if they are experiencing cold and flu symptoms, a cough or sore throat.


100% Raw Mānuka Honey

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.