Province Apothecary - Dual Action Jade Facial Roller - CAP Beauty
Dual Action Jade Facial Roller
Province Apothecary
Tone, firm and detox the face, neck and décolleté.
Regular price $46
Bodha - Ritual Incense Holder - CAP Beauty
Ritual Incense Holder
Brass wells to hold incense.
Regular price $35
Karmameju - Buff Natural Body Brush - CAP Beauty
Buff Natural Body Brush
Brush to stimulate nervous system and increase circulation.
Regular price $42
Calmish - Drain Body Gua Sha - CAP Beauty
Drain Body Gua Sha
Sodalite tool to encourage flow and movement.
Regular price $75
The Massager
CAP Beauty + Rachel Saunders
Meet the massager.
Regular price $120
Binu Binu - Curve Incense Holder - CAP Beauty
Curve Incense Holder
Binu Binu
A bespoke incense holder inspired by traditional Korean roofing tiles.
Regular price $120
Wax Apple - Jade Paw Massager - CAP Beauty
Jade Paw Massager
Wax Apple
Radiate a clear complexion.
Regular price $42
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Karmameju - Recharge Ionic Body Brush - CAP Beauty
Recharge Ionic Body Brush
Brush to detoxify and recharge.
Regular price $73
Province Apothecary - Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush - CAP Beauty
Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush
Province Apothecary
Facial dry brush for radiant and healthy skin. 
Regular price $56
Wax Apple - Palm Massager - CAP Beauty
Palm Massager
Wax Apple
A rare and beautiful object to stimulate Qi.
Regular price $42
Wax Apple - Scalp Squiggle Comb - CAP Beauty
Scalp Squiggle Comb
Wax Apple
Massage with style.
Regular price $44
CAP Beauty - The Japanese Matcha Whisk pink - CAP Beauty
The Matcha Whisk
CAP Beauty
Ceremonial tea whisk.
Regular price $76