Binu Binu - Roof Tile Curve Incense Holder - CAP
Curve Incense Holder
Binu Binu
A bespoke incense holder inspired by traditional Korean roofing tiles.
Regular price $120
Wax Apple - Scalp Squiggle Comb - CAP
Scalp Squiggle Comb
Wax Apple
Massage with style.
Regular price $44
Wax Apple - Palm Massager - CAP
Palm Massager
Wax Apple
A rare and beautiful object to stimulate Qi.
Regular price $42
Shino Takeda - CAP - Shino Spoon - CAP Collaborations
The Shino Spoon
CAP Beauty + Shino Takeda
Colorful and playful one-of-a-kind ceramic spoons.
Regular price $36
CAP - Kamakichi - Matcha Whisk - Red - CAP Grocery
The Matcha Whisk
CAP Beauty
Ceremonial tea whisk.
Regular price $76