The Gift Guides: Friends of CAP

I know there are loads of gift guides out there, but I honestly think ours is one of the best. We tap our wildly inspiring and treasured CAP family for guides that cross all categories, price points and offerings. Make yourself a Matcha, get comfortable and dive in, there's something here for everyone on your list. Including yourself.


1. LIGHT RAY Drinking water is a bit of a task for me and The Light Ray makes it feel like a sensuous endeavor. I look forward to it. I am a proper fan. I even have a subscription.


2. POSTALCO NOTEBOOK One day I will get my shit together and make my own notebooks. Until that day comes I am dedicated to Postalco. It’s the kind of notebook that says I ride a bike with a basket and leather satchel. It says I have a collection of turtlenecks. It says I sleep in cashmere occasionally and I am very good at slow kisses. It says I have a cupboard that's only for candles and mine are all D.S. & Durga.


3. KATIE KIMMEL PET VASE If it’s not so clear already, I love my dog. She is my life. To be in her presence whether inanimate or literal is to be bathed in the most perfect love I have ever known. Katie also did a collaboration recently with another ceramicist whose work I admire LAURA CHAUTIN. Pieces to grow old with.


4. FLAMINGO ESTATE HONEY I had my first taste of Flamingo Estate some years back. It was rather spiritual. I put honey in my coffee and that makes me feel like a tycoon. 


5. JOSH ROSEBROOK HYDRATING ACCELERATOR + CAP BEAUTY CAPTIVATOR I want to look wet. I like being wet. Wet makes me feel alive. The CAPtivator is new to my arsenal. The Josh Rosebrook has been a constant. We are tethered. I also use their exfoliator mask weekly. I am what the kids call a Stan.


6. LITTLE GARAGE STUDIO If you're in the market for a totally standout piece look no further than Little Garage Studio. Their work makes me smile ear to ear. It’s playful and a little mischievous. 


7. VINTNER'S DAUGHTER ACTIVE BOTANICAL SERUM I’ve been using Vintner's Daughter for a few years now. It’s Luxe. Top shelf. Come fall through spring it’s my go to. I add a couple drops to a moisturizer. I’m not so precious about it. I love the way it leaves my skin: supple and glowy. 


8. BAILEY HIKAWA PHONE CASE Everywhere I go people ask me about my phone case. And the followup is always: how does it fit  in your pocket? It does not. Why do you want a phone on your body? That seems a little aggressive  considering how much time it spends in my hand already.


9. CHARVET SLIPPERS A quick way to my heart would be a closet dedicated to home dressing. I’m talking polished pajama sets from Schostal, night dresses from Salter House and the cherry on top would be Charvet slippers.


10. HARTFIELD STUDIO SIGNET RING A girlfriend of mine lost a dear friend: a cat named Zappa. I gifted her a signet so she could always carry him with her. I also have one for my dog, Janet. It’s been a few months and it’s building up a really nice patina. 


11. EVERYDAY OIL There are a few things that transport me home. I’ve been away a lot this last year and this little bottle has been instrumental to my ritual. 


12. BATHING CULTURE MIND AND BODY WASH The message behind the brand is pretty solid. They plant a tree for every 5 gallons of soap they make. I've been on this one for a few years now. I feel they captured the essence of California in a bottle. It’s warming and lifting. 


13. HEO CERAMICS Karen Tong makes work that is elevated and effortless. Any of her pieces would be a lovely addition to a home. The colander is my personal fave. I even use it to serve.


14. MARYAM KEYHANI GUGGENHEIM SUNGLASSES I got to go to Italy this year, it was my first go. Ahead of the trip I got a pair of bat wing sunglasses that were fashioned after Peggy Guggenheim. They're chic and totally eccentric. For the person in your life who already has too much of everything but needs more. Maryam's work oozes joy.




1. RAINBO 11:11 Can’t live without the 11:11 Mushroom elixir. It's pure lifeforce.


2. H20 FAGERHOLT RAIN BOOTS These rainboots carry me through the rainy days. 


3. KARMAMEJU IONIC BODY BRUSH I always check in with myself when drybrushing, it gives me mind and body connection.


4. KATHRYN HERRMAN SOCKS Tie-dye socks for the kids. And adults.


5. PINEAPPLE COLLABORATIVE OLIVE OIL I love a good Olive Oil. I put it on my morning porridge, body and on my babies after bathtime.


6. DAN JOHN ANDERSON WOODEN SCULPTURES I love wood; the smell, the look, the feel. I love these handcrafted sculptures, each so unique. A beautiful piece of nature.


7. VITAVIVA BE SLEEPFUL SUPPLEMENT These are a true friend.


8. PORTO STUDIO POUCH The perfect bag for a night out.


9. WAX APPLE SCALP SQUIGGLE COMB Love to practice a little self love. 


10. ACTIVIST MANUKA 1000+ This Manuka is a must in my pantry. My big girl loves to eat it raw. It's truly one of mother nature's finest gifts.


11. VARIER VARIABLE CHAIR The chair I didn't think I needed, but obviously do.


12. SAKSPOTTS SOFFY JUMPER I can never get too many knits. Knits are essential in Denmark.


13. RMS BURITI BRONZER I have been using RMS as long as I remember, and nothing else gets the job done as well as the bronzer does.





1. LINDQUIST BAG Huge fan of Lindquist. Not only are her bags handmade, but they're entirely sustainably sourced. Her bags are a forever piece and worth every single penny.


2. THE NEAT MATCHA STICK BOX I love tucking these into my purse when I'm on the go. I travel a lot for work and these are perfect to bring with.


3. MASA MEMORY MORITA HOT SAUCE My favorite hot sauce! I love the hint of rose you get in each bite. The perfect gift that keeps on giving.


4. MIDLAND SHOP My dear friends own a beautiful shop in LA with the best curated gifts. I always shop there when I need a last minute gift. My eyes are on the harvest moon trinket dish. Perfect for your bedside table and for holding your jewelry.


5. ​MOLLY BAZ CLUB I once ran into Molly at the Atwater Farmer's Market and went completely fan girl over her. I've never been more embarrassed of myself, but she was totally cool. She's definitely one of my cooking icons. She offers a subscription where she shares all her newest recipes on her website. 


6. MONASTERY ATTAR FLORAL REPAIR CONCENTRATE Dying to try. I've heard nothing but wonderful things.


7. TOAST PINAFORE APRON I love to cook and wear an apron every single time. Toast makes the perfect apron with big pockets (I love a pocket). They're simple, classic and durable. 


8. MERBEN DRY BRUSH SO good to get into a routine that includes dry brushing.


9. EVERYDAY OIL I've used this oil for years. On my body and I use it in my hair to style it (YES!). I put a little in my hand to make the bottom of my hair look piecey.


10. PANSY SOCKS I love a small gift that keeps on giving. Pansy Co makes bright (sustainably dyed) comfortable organic socks that I love to gift.


11. ACTIVIST MANUKA 850+ Always in my pantry, always my favorite. A perfect gift.


12. KOKO MOMO One of my besties started a small kid's line. Everything she touches turns to gold. She recently started making beanies for kiddos and they're perfect (They're named after my daughter, Rowe). I love the bright colors. They're the perfect stocking stuffer and they fit up to age 9!


13. LESSE SOOTHING LIP BALM Having a good lip balm in your purse is KEY! I love this balm so much.


14. CANYON COFFEE I absolutely adore Canyon Coffee (and the founders, Ally and Casey are two dear friends of mine). A personal favorite is the Gedeb blend. I always include a bag as gifts for my daughter's teachers every year!




1. BATHING CULTURE MIND AND BODY WASH One of the essentials in my house is this all-purpose soap that is concentrated with no added fillers, so you only need a small amount for a full body cleanse.


2. JJJJOUND PLANNER This planner from JJJJound helps me keep all my projects in order.


3. WONDER VALLEY HINOKI BAR This soap bar's scent transports me back to the rural forests of Japan.


4. OGASAWARA WIND CHIME A sound that brings joy everyday.


5. ​MATT FISHMAN CERAMICS I love having an assortment of Japanese ceramics at home to serve coffee or tea with family and friends.


6. ELI'S BEE COMPANY HONEY Had the pleasure to meet Eli on an assignment with Cereal Magazine earlier this year. His honey is well-loved in our kitchen, and I personally love using it for my coffee and morning granola.


7. LESSE REFINING CLEANSER I don't use that many products but I love Lesse and its brand's ethos, it's become a go-to for me.


8. VISVIM SHOULDER BAG I take my cameras with me wherever I go and love throwing them in bags that don't scream "camera bag." I love Visvim's approach to design that blends traditional Japanese artisanal crafts with vintage Americana aesthetics.


9. FUJIFILM X100V CAMERA A camera that can fit in your pocket and allows you to document everyday life.


10. MERBEN DRY BRUSH ​I recently started incorporating body brushing as part of my routine. I love using this brush as it has soft bristles and doesn't irritate my skin.


11. BRASS KEY RING I love the simplicity of this brass key ring. It’s made by an outdoor gear company so it should hold up for everyday use.


12. FACULTY DEPARTMENT VOL.2 Here's a personal book I made, a collection of studio visits and profiles on some of the people that helped shape my vision over the years.


13. BODHA INCENSE One of my favorite parts of my morning routine is burning a fresh stick of incense with my kids.


1. SOLITO MOBILES The engineering of a mobile always fascinates me. I could stare at them endlessly. Plus the component that makes it move and dance is the wind. Without it, it can’t perform; I call this a good marriage. Built by a woman on the beautiful island of Mallorca where the winds of the Mediterranean inspire. 


2. CAP BEAUTY NEAT MATCHA STICK BOX My constant companion. Such a practical design. I take it with me on plane rides and it feels so nice looking at those puffy clouds while I am drinking this magic tea. It tastes so good and smells divine. Plus that color!


3. CAP BEAUTY COCONUT BUTTER This coconut butter makes me dance. It's delicious on and in everything. My heart depends on this for sure. Crush on you.


4. FLAMINGO ESTATE JULIANNE MOORE HONEY "An elixir guaranteed to induce love". This is how I feel about honey, I purchase it everywhere I go. The new one in this collection comes from the Long Island home of Julianne Moore and her family. The story behind the hives is quite remarkable, I suggest finding out.


5. ​AQUAOVO WATER FILTRATION This is by far the best water filter design. It allows you to live with it in any part of the house, without saying “I belong in the kitchen." Plus it reminds you to drink water often, and not from a plastic bottle. I consider this one of my contributions to the environment.


6. DANIELLE LAFAURIEA A very beautiful concept. Coconut leaves are woven into traditional animal shapes and are covered with paint and doused in a copper bath. I don’t dare go to a party without one of these pins to complement my outfit.


7. ILIO SMERALDO KATE YOUNG CLOG Heaven on my feet. Kate Young clogs are a must. My feet are attached and glued to these shoes. Great leather, great design. Goodbye Birkenstock, hello Kate.


8. CAP BEAUTY + HIGHLY LIKELY CAPNOLA This product makes me get out of bed quicker in the morning! I have a full smile while it's crunching in my mouth. Deliciousness in every bite. Goodbye granola, hello CAPnola.


9. CASA CICUTA If you want to find the best of the best Colombian artisans, go directly to our capital Bogotá and head to this nest where amazing artists live. This beautiful store and workshop inspires all to bring an extra suitcase (or two) for toting your treasures home. The lovely owner, Adriana, will gracefully walk you through the space.


10. SEED + MILL TAHINI A spoon of this and some honey on a good cracker is my dessert sometimes. A luxury tahini like no other. 


11. CAP BEAUTY + BOTANICA MAGIC SPICE I am hooked on this mix. For a vegetarian like me it is magic, it enhances my food and takes it to another level. I also love the label, it looks great in my pantry. 


12. HOUSE OF GOOD LUXURY CANDLES Finally a luxury candle that delivers a delicate smell and a versatile design. Once you use it up you can turn it into a candle holder. There is no one that comes to our house and doesn't ask “what smells so good ?”. A great gift at anytime.


13. VALÉRIE BARKOWSKI One of my favorite places to stay is this oasis in Marrakesh. Peaceful and away from the Medina, the decor is simple and unadorned, yet quite elegant. The food elevates your spirit and the hand embroidered linens can be purchased among other jewels at the owner's store. 


14. JOAQUINA BOTANICA HYDRATING GLOW OIL Here is the secret. This line carries the power of nature in a bottle by sourcing ingredients from Latin America. Relying on ingredients like papaya, maracuya and orchids, this oil is inspired by family stories of vibrant and spirited women as well as the rich biodiversity of the land. For each bottle sold, part of the profits go to Glasswing International.


15. PAULA GREIF CERAMICS Her pottery is more like art. The forms are perfect and imperfect. Clever and inventive. Charming! 





1. SHARKTOOTH TAPESTRY BLANKET This New York rug and blanket store has lovely vintage pieces. I like this Welsh tapestry blanket from the 1880's.


2. CECILY BRADEN COPPER SCALP & BEARD COMB This thing feels amazing on the scalp. We use them in our treatment rooms. Men particularly love it on their beards.


3. ACTIVIST MANUKA 850+ I bought this while I was in Denmark from a great lil' shop called I Love Beauty. Now I can restock it at CAP. 


4. JORDAN MCDONALD VASE My favorite vase. I have a weakness for vases and this is my most used one. I think this would make a great gift for many friends. 


5. ​CORALI COLLAGE EARRINGS I love everything from Corali in Copenhagen. She's one of my favorite jewelry designers. She's also an amazing human, architect and furniture maker.


6. PALLAS BOOKSTORE + GALLERY The best art / design / architecture book store in San Francisco. So many gifts to be had here.


7. LANSHIN PRO GUA SHA TOOL This is a favorite of all our esthies at Monastery. It's easy to use and gorgeous.


8. EDIBLE FLOWERS BOOK BY MONICA NELSON I seem to have a lot of creative chefs in my life that work with flowers so I've gifted this book several times. I also picked one up for myself and it definitely made me want to forage flowers and bake a cake immediately.


9. MONASTERY ATTAR FLORAL REPAIR CONCENTRATE One of my favorite products, I love the versatility of Attar. I use it on my face, under my eyes, my lips, my body and on the kids too!


10. JULIA SILBER QUILTS This Berkeley quilt store is a gem.


11. VALENTINA CAMERANESI SGROI GLASS INCENSE HOLDER I love watching these sculptural incense holders at work. The smoke gathers in the little vessel and releases in such a delicate way.


12. CAP BEAUTY THE NEAT MATCHA STICK BOX You never know when you might be out and need a reliable cup of matcha. Another thing you'll find in the bottom of my purse.


13. MONASTERY DISCOVERY KIT I've been trying to use smaller purses these days so I like carrying these rather than actual bottles. It's perfect for those moments when your face needs something. And voila!, there is a little packet of goodness in your bag.


14. CAP BEAUTY + MASA MEMORY SONORAN SUNSET CACAO I am a sucker for any spicy chocolate and this one is the perfect vehicle during these colder months. I love this collaboration between Masa Memory and CAP.


15. ​YVES DURIF COMB I used to own this exact comb but I sadly seem to have lost it. I'm super low maintenance with my hair: all I do is comb my hair wet and let it air dry. I've been surprised that a good comb does more than get the knots out of your hair, it can actually make your hair look better. I'll be replacing this at CAP.


16. APLÓS CALME I don't drink too often these days, but I love making this relaxing mocktail that contains CBD. I mix mine with tonic.


17. GIL RODRIGUEZ EL TIGRE BODYSUIT This brand makes the perfect bodysuit, and I've come to realize that a bodysuit is a wardrobe staple.


1. F. MILLER FACE OIL ARYBALLOS A special edition of our most loved essential: a beautiful ceramic vessel, and a targeted massage tool all-in-one.


2. OLD JEWELRY DOUBLE DOWN RING Everything Sarah Burns does is really, really good. Old Jewelry’s vintage selection is excellent and their signature pieces are even better.


3. F. MILLER TONING MIST Calm and balance in a bottle. Probably my most used product, I layer it in between each skincare step and spray throughout the day for hydrated, bouncy skin.


4. WANZE SONG DUMPLING BAG Toronto-based Wanze makes this extremely cute dumpling bag that I want and that will likely be sold out by the time I decide on which color to purchase.


5. BODHA TENDERNESS INCENSE  The first time I received a box of these in the mail, I could smell the complex rose scent through 3 layers of packing materials. Emily is the best and everything she creates is magic. 


6. GARDEN QUILT BY JUSTIN MING YONG Justin constantly blows me away with his handsewn pieces. His custom quilt for F. Miller’s Flea Market section is so special and I, not so secretly, want to keep it for myself.


7. F. MILLER EYE OIL It soothes, revives and deeply nourishes. I use it anywhere I need a tender, transformative touch, not just around the eyes.


8. IKO IKO CORD COVER We have these all over the house to simultaneously hide and beautify the mundane. Iko Iko’s genius use of color and simplicity always makes me smile.


9. ​SOPHIE LOU JACOBSEN + GHIA TOTEM GLASSES The sweetest cocktail glasses that would make drinking any beverage a precious experience.


10. MORE THAN CAKE BY NATASHA PICKOWICZ I love few things more than baked goods and Natasha is ridiculously good at baking. My friends Nikole and Michael photographed this upcoming book and I am bursting with jealousy at the thought of the amazing time they all had. Pre-order for yourself and all your loved ones.


11. GAETANO PESCE RESIN COASTERS The master of playfulness, creativity, and emotion — Gaetano’s world is a better world.


12. CAP BEAUTY + WOODEN SPOON HERBS LIGHT RAY Wooden Spoon Herbs created a perfect blend of my favorite skin-supportive herbs in an unsurprisingly delicious formula.


13. COMMISSION BROWN STOLE  I’m Canadian. It’s cold in Canada. This is arguably the perfect cashmere dickey, one that would make an ideal gift for friends who also live in a place with seasons. 


14. CAP BEAUTY + MASA MEMORY SONORAN CACAO ‘Tis always the season for hot cocoa. I’d also like to take this opportunity to state that mocha-anything is underrated. I’ll be gifting this special blend to the ones who get it.


15. LENYS SLIPPERS Because feet should feel fancy, especially when the legs attached to them are in sweatpants or pajamas. I’m partial to the Yves Blue and Grape.


16. ODDOBODY BRIEFS The softest, most comfortable barely-there underwear in my drawer.  


17. GOHAR WORLD PASTICCERIA CANDLE SET I didn’t get to go to Sicily this year, so I’m bringing the pasticceria to me (and others) in the form of Gohar World’s delightful pastry-shaped candles.




1. CARMEN D'APOLLONIO Carmen D’Apollonio crafts elegant planters and lamps with sculptural bases evoking both a classic and modern approach to form and finish. A perfect gift for your loved ones and art lover friends.


2. MARIE VERONIQUE + KRISTINA HOLEY SOOTHING B3 SERUM This beautiful plant-powered serum calms inflammation and is incredibly soothing, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing. It's perfect for traveling too and helps calm any stress-induced flare-ups of the skin.


3. CAP BEAUTY + DARK HORSE MATCHA TOGARASHI A seasoning salt blend of umami rich sesame and poppy seeds with dried aromatics: orange rind, ginger, chilis and matcha; use as finishing salt on simple soft boiled eggs and beans, savory toast and pretty much anything else


4. RYAN PRECIADO MADRE Y PADRE MILLS This local designer transforms household objects into works of art and these salt and pepper mills make for a beautiful centerpiece


5. ​SORELLA NURZIA SOFT TORRONE  One of our favorite Italian nougats. Sorella Nurzia has been making sweet delicacies since 1835. This soft nougat is made with pistachios and almonds and is the perfect sweet ending, beginning and anything in-between.


6. MERBEN DRY BRUSH With endocrine and hormone issues that began at the age of 19, I have learned so much about the importance of supporting the body's lymph system. Dry brushing has so many profound benefits: improving circulation, detoxing, and skin texture. This brush is my favorite.


7. COSTA BRAZIL CANDLE Francisco Costa launched his incredibly thoughtful brand Costa Brazil several years ago which pays tribute to his homeland through a line of sustainable products that range from beauty to home. This candle is inspired by natural ingredients sourced ethically from the Amazon. Absolutely stunning.


8. STOOL BY JONATHON SAUNDERS An artist who is challenging the space between art object and functionality, I love the graphic nature of his work. This stool / side table is one of my favorite pieces of his at the moment.


9. CAP BEAUTY CAPTIVATOR This product is always by Liz's side. Give the home or car a quick spritz of this magical concoction and instantly create a state shift through the power of scent and notes of sandalwood.


10. EATINGTOOLS LEATHER OVEN MITTS A thoughtful selection of handcrafted kitchen tools with lots of masterful Japanese knives, but more unusually- an extensive collection of unsung heroes like titanium spatulas, foraging blades, anodized steak turners, hand carved birch stock turning spoons and plush leather oven mitts crafted regionally around the US and the world.


11. RHEA PRESERVED LEMON CRUSH An absolute necessity in the pantry that you can add to dishes, conservas, olive oil poached tuna, veggies and more. 


12. ANDY BARAGHANI COOKBOOK Our friend Andy, one of the most talented food writers, cooks and creative forces out there, released his first cookbook this past year. All of the recipes are beautiful and channel his presence into them. It's accessible, educational, inspiring and exactly what we all want to eat and cook at home which makes it a perfect gift. The Roasted Beets with Mint and Sesame is officially on heavy rotation in our home kitchen.


13. JB BLUNK CUPS JB Blunk has been a favorite of ours; his work captures the mystique of the organic and nature. I really love his ceramic works so these cups are a great gift because you can bring art into the home and your life through these vessels. His daughter Mariah Nielson has done incredible work carrying on his legacy as well as forging her own. Having a Blunk ceramic piece in the home transforms the daily coffee and tea ritual into an art experience and connects you to the present through the tactile nature of the artist’s handmade piece. 


14. GAETANO VASE We love Gaetano not only for his expressive use of material but also his rebellious nature against mass production; he diversified the art world by making each of his pieces expressive and unique. His vases are iconic and also a nice option for gifting. Each one embodies the essence of Gaetano’s spirit as an artist.


15. ​RUSS AND DAUGHTERS CAVIAR She is forever the moment, caviar from the one and only Russ & Daughters. Several years back, during our first Christmas, Chad bought a couple of these baby blue tins with some Bonilla a la Vista chips and flowers from the farmer's market. Caviar is our love language, and now a beloved holiday tradition.


16. LAURIE ELLEN BAKED GOODS Our dear friend and super talented pastry chef who ran Tartine's pastry program for several solid years at the mothership in San Francisco is now offering some of my favorite holiday treats. 


17. EX NIHILO SANTAL CALLING The new SANTAL CALLING fragrance from Ex Nihilo transports you to another realm of mysticism with notes of sandalwood, Madagascan vanilla and nutmeg. Its beautiful bottle makes a perfectly packaged gift for the holidays. 


18. CAP BEAUTY THE NEAT MATCHA STICK BOX Bring these on the go, in your purse, hotel stays. This perfectly packaged matcha is well, perfection for those who love matcha at home and also while on the go. It's no frills, convenient, and feels like a treat every single time you open up a packet. We have an opportunity to manifest and create rituals that become the tapestry of our life and products like this embody and support that.


19. ROY'S PANETTONE Longtime friend of Chad’s, Roy Shvartzapel has been making and perfecting cloud-like panettone for over 15 years. There really is nothing like it. Great fresh, but our favorite is to toast on the griddle or in a cast iron skillet to warm, crisp, and caramelize the tender crumb.


20. PRINT FROM CORITA ART CENTER Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita, was an artist with an innovative approach to art and education. Her work communicated her concerns about poverty, racism and war and explores themes of peace and social justice. The center serves to carry out her mission through public programs, education, workshops, collaboration with local artists and community.


21. THOUGHT SANCTUARY VAGUS MASSAGE OIL The benefits of supporting the Vagus Nerve are profound. It is the largest cranial nerve aka "the gut / brain axis" and greatly influences our digestive system, stress responses and adrenal function. When the vagus nerve is shut down we experience fatigue, digestion issues, depression, disconnection from the heart, brain fog. The symptoms go on. Luckily there are many different modalities to support and tone the vagus nerve. This oil by Thought Sanctuary is infused with bergamot, clove, frankincense, and amazonite to calm the nervous system and promote deep healing. Any and everyone needs this!


22. LIVING LIBATIONS EVERYBODY LOVES THE SUNSHINE  Everything this line creates is so thoughtful and incredibly rejuvenating. This is my SPF go-to. Helichrysum, lavender and cape chamomile all come together in this beautiful product.

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