My Universe: Akua Shabaka

Meet Akua Shabaka, artist and storyteller primarily known for her fashion label as part of the mother-daughter design duo, House of Aama. Her work is inspired by her Louisiana and Caribbean heritage, themes of black history, legacy and folklore within the Southern states and African Diaspora. Let her beautiful world guide you and get to know all that she loves. Welcome to Akua’s Universe. 


Jeans Vintage, high waist dark washed with cut off flares

T-shirt Collectors Fela Kuti Tee

Socks Whatever I can find in the morning 

Heels Miista Sandals 

Sneakers Comfy new balances or Reebok’s 

Boots Vintage blue pointed toe cowboy boots for the Puerto Rica Thrift shop

Sunglasses Cat eyes 

Day bag Prada Contenitore Tracolla kisslock Bag or House of Aama green Goddess tote bag

Jewelry Collected gold necklaces and rings from Senegal and Cuba. Gold small hoops

Fabric Something silky, linen or flowy

Color Earth Tones, yellows, orange, browns and greens 

Workout wear yoga pants, sports bra

Lingerie or underwear Lingerie to feel secretly spicy during the day :)

Where do you shop A lot of vintage shops, depop

Online shopping site A lot of Depop recently. Always on the go and want to find unique things.

Swimwear Yellow Onia Bikini 

Style Icon Mom, grandma and a 1960’s bad ass black women



What’s your sign Libra Sun, Cap Moon, Sag Rising and Venus

Workout Kemetic Yoga

studio/teacher Yoga w/ Adriene (Youtube) or my sis Mia Ghogho

Experts in your corner (herbalists, doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths) Mother and Father, both understand the power of herbal remedies and treatments

Morning rituals 7:30am morning rise, 8am yoga, affirmations, green tea, light breakfast. No cellphones allowed.

Evening rituals Answer any last emails, go over to-do list, watch a show, write in journal, read Octavia Butler

Astrologist Father hehe or my beloved tarot readers on Youtube (Love “House of Oshun)

Shower or bath bath with a few drops of lavender, one of the most necessary things in my life right now

Extrovert or introvert Externally a extrovert, naturally a introvert 

DIY Mask recipe Aztec clay, turmeric, manuka honey

Stress management techniques Yoga and breathing changes my life and mindfulness techniques 

Who is your get out of jail call? Mother of course 


Tea or tonic drink Green Tea, St. Johns Wort Herbal Tea

Salty or sweet Salty-sweet combo 

What’s always in your fridge plantains, avocado, almond milk, some one pot meal, berries, lemons and limes

Go-to dinner recipe Jamaican Ital Stew or Thai Curry Dish

Go-to dinner party recipe I come from southern roots, I’m known for my Seafood Boils, Jambalaya, and Mulled Wine

Snack Nut and Berry Mix, or my guilty pleasure- Van Leeuwen vegan mint chip ice cream

Drink Water or Sorrel 

Grocery store Local food mart or whole foods 

Favorite flavors Coconut based, lime infused, scotch bonnet spiced

Cookbook Been looking at Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry recently 


Toothpaste Toms 

Soap Eucalyptus Dr. Bonners 

Lip Cocokind matcha stick or Revlon glass shine lipstick

Perfume or Cologne Some sort of essential oil diy blend of lemon grass, lavender and jasmine. Or i’ll use Everyday Oil

Hair stylist My hands

Shampoo/ Conditioner TGIN or As I Am 

Moisturizer A moringa, aloe, paypaya blend by My Butter Skin

Mask Aztec Clay sometimes or chlorophyll mask

Makeup Nars Foundation, Urban Decay Highlighter, Pat Mcgrath Mascara, Boy Brow, Fenty Gloss Bomb 


Where do you live Brooklyn New York but always in my hometown LA

Artist Renée Stout, Lezley Saar, Zora Neale Hurston

Piece of art in your home Senegalese Reverse Glass Painting 

Museum MoMA

Sheets Cotton, light yellow  

Restaurant Ghenet Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn

Favorite piece of furniture my new antique mirror

Minimalist or maximalist Trying to minimalist with alot of stuff lol

Hotel A really wanderlust airbnb in the island with a view of the ocean 

Dream dinner party guests Zora Neal Hurston, Jimi Hendrix, Bell Hooks, Solange, Andree 3000, Eartha Kitt, Betty Davis and Nina Simone

Most used kitchen gadget Toaster, tea kettle 

What do you collect Gold Jewelry, family heirlooms 


Who or what inspires you The feeling of freedom, the secrets of the world, the whispers from my grandmother 

Crush It ranges from a Lenny Kravtis to the actor of watchmen, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Beach Oh, any beach in Jamaica or Cuba 

Favorite place in the world No specific place, just a feeling. Open grassy field, sunshine with a little shade. Light jazz in the background, relaxed with no worries, sipping lemonade. 

Films Beast of the Southern Wild, Skeleton Key, Beloved, Daughters of the Dust, Amélie, Black Orpheus 

Favorite albums Mamas Gun by Erykah Badu, New Moon Daughter by Cassandra Wilson, and anything Jill Scott

Books I'm currently reading All About Love by Bell Hooks and starting Seed to Harvest by Octavia Butler 

Photography or coffee table book Muse: Mickalene Thomas 

Who would you want to be for a day Astronaut

Inner age Between 25 and Sometimes a wise 60

Song in your head at the moment Private Party by India Arie 


Apps Co-Star, Pattern, Calm 

Phone iPhone 11 Pro Max in Green 

Phone case Clear

Website YouTube Academy 

Podcasts A Little Juju Podcast 

Favorite gadget iPhone, MAC, 35mm Film Camera 

Favorite Instagram I love any travel accounts and vintage/archives fashion accounts. @emalineandthem@uniquehotels, @Blackgirlmagik, @sunujournal 

News source Honestly Twitter but I have also been watching a lot of CNN and Trevor Noah lately

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