Inside with: Bo Carney

Bo’s been inspiring us for years with her highly developed aesthetic that informs all she does, including her store, Mohawk General, that she runs with her husband, in the Silverlake neighborhood of LA. Her Korean heritage coupled with a commitment to less, but better, makes for the perfect edit in the closet and beyond. Read on to discover how she manages raising a toddler in the city, the practices she relies on to feel her best and what she is thinking about during these uncertain days.

How do you find time to take care of yourself while running a business and raising a family?

It's been a great challenge honestly. I try to squeeze in some self care time when Bowie is napping or after he falls asleep at night. Or sometimes Kevin my husband will take him out for a couple hours in the morning. If I get half an hour purely to myself then it's considered a success.

How do you start your day? 

I journal for 3-4 pages to get all my thoughts out and start the day out in a more focused way. I used to meditate 20 minutes a day as well but unfortunately that has fallen to the wayside recently. Then make a smoothie for breakfast. Do a few minutes of yoga. 

What do you always keep on your nightstand? 

 A glass of water, a plate for jewelry, and a stack of books. 

How has your culture influenced your daily practices?

 I realize that Koreans have varying degrees of obsession with youth, health and vitality so we are very into our skin care and other wellness routines. Before having Bowie I would have the elaborate 9 step routines with all the latest gadgets and products. But now I have trimmed that down to just the necessities focusing on natural ingredients. Same goes for herbal supplements and food as well. For instance my mom would have a pantry full of herbal supplements and remedies, she would also get so excited when we were able to get our hands on some covetable rare herb or vegetable. She also refused to buy American beef and only bought Korean because she didn't want factory farmed meat,  things like that. I grew up thinking my parents were so weird and over the top with health but I realize now that it has rubbed off on me and I finally appreciate the thinking behind it. 

What is your skincare routine? 

It's quite simplified these days. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer/face oil. I like testing out different brands so it keeps changing. Right now in rotation is By Humankind, NOTOLESSE, May Lindstrom, Moon Juice, and Tata Harper. As for makeup I only use 5 things right now. Nars concealer, Ilia multi stick, Noto multi stick, Glossier eyeliner and a tatoo eyebrow pen from Koreatown.

What practices do you have that support you feeling your best? And are the most impactful?

The journaling helps greatly especially when there are many thoughts and other stressful things going through your head. It puts all my vague worries into perspective and helps me prioritize and make plans. Also taking a few minutes to close my eyes and breathe. Then focusing on a vision that represents what I would like my reality to be. Even if it's something farfetched i find that envisioning and imagining the dream scenario instantly uplifts and motivates.

What are your techniques for handling stress?

First is to disconnect from all electronic devices. Then change the scenery by going into nature or just genuinely engaging and playing with my son. If I am in the middle of work and I can't just drop everything I will just go outside and look at my plants for a minute or so. Nature is such an amazing healer. 

Do you have a favorite beauty ritual?

Going to the Korean spa and getting a full body exfoliation 2-3 times a year.  I usually get the package that includes a facial and body/scalp massage. 

How has your taste evolved over the years? What and who have been your biggest influences?

I think the older you get the more in tune you get with your priorities and sense of self. For me after motherhood I realized that quality is more important than quantity and time is always of the essence. I like things that stand the test of time in both the materialistic sense and aesthetic sense. I want to only own things that are well made with the best materials and that I can wear over and over in many different ways and still never get sick of it. If your closet is full of things like this it is easy to be well dressed every day without spending too much time on it. 

How do you end your day?

At around 5 everyday we have family happy hour. We put on records and all get a cocktail to unwind. Sometimes it will be natural wine or  when I feel like my liver needs a break will do kombucha and ice. Bowie always gets a mocktail and he makes sure to cheers us on another day hopefully well spent. 

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