Meet Our Healers: Melani Simonson


Melani is a life force magnet. Born and raised in the tropical wonderland of Puerto Rico, she learned from an early age about the healing power of plants. Credit that to an agriculturalist father, a mother who favored the effects of natural skincare and an island overgrown with lushness. Her Brooklyn home now plays host to over 30 plants that she nurtures and prunes on the daily. A dog, a son, a fiancee, close family and loved ones surround her. And the effects of these connections are real. Melani’s passion for healing stems from a deep love for human contact, one made evident in her healing and enlightening touch. Where the kingdoms of plants and animals collide, we find Melani. Seek her power.

How did you come to find a love for wellness, healing and skin health?

My curiosity started at the age of 12, living on an island where skin cancer is prevalent and I noticed that SPF wasn’t a usual product that locals were aware of. Surfers like my brothers and his friends were among the small group which only applied it minimally. My mother’s skin was always dry and she tried continuously to find the perfect skin emulsion. From avocado oil, coconut oil and almond oil, she would mix it with any lotion she could find, not always being enough moisture to conquer her dry skin. At the age of 26 my curious mind explored the possibility of becoming a holistic esthetician because Sephora was not the end all be all for skincare. I knew that there was a better natural way to treat skin without all of the chemicals. After attending Atelier Esthetic in NYC, I found my way into the journey of becoming a holistic esthetician.

What inspires you most about your practice?

Human connection inspires me the most. Understanding what my client’s struggles are with their skin, and having realistic expectation for their skin journey. Achieving and embracing the skin we are in; is incredibly important. I believe we all have our own individuality, especially when it comes to skin health. We have an idea of what the perfect skin should be, but the minute we give up that idea and embrace your body’s own needs, we become free. Because of my belief and connection to humans, I’d like to support society by removing distractions and focusing on physical and emotional health.

Much of your focus is based around emotional healing. Can you explain how skincare and emotional health connect and how you address this in your practice?

Understanding my clients skin needs is key to guiding them towards the path of skin health. I’ve suffered through several skin conditions myself which include eczema and acne. When my acne was at its worse i would wake up every morning thinking about how my skin looked. Always asking the same question to myself “did i get a new cyst?”, “how dark is my hyperpigmentation?” and it made me feel sad and lost, confused about what I was doing wrong. The emotional tole it took was real for me, especially being in the industry. This is what inspired me to have real conversations with my clients. Connecting to their feelings and giving them support. I take the load of healing their skin, the minute they start seeing me their skin became my problem. It’s no longer their problem, trying to figure out what would work for them. Once they found that emotional support along with a solid skincare routine, I starting noticing changes to their skin. We celebrate the small changes which in turn overtime became HUGE changes because consistency is key to a successful skin story. And having real expectations to keep my clients grounded is also crucial. Learning what your skin looks like at its best is not the same for everyone. Support, knowledge and lots of love.

What are you up to when you’re not in the treatment room?

I’m usually enjoying time at home with my son, fiancé and our dog. They keep me pretty busy. When we aren’t home we’re usually traveling. Visiting family in the Caribbean Sea or exploring new places.

If you could offer one piece of advice to those looking to better care for their skin or wellbeing what would it be? Please share one pro tip you’ve discovered along your path.

I believe and support getting facials every 6 weeks. I’ve seen massive transformations with consistency. Having the assistance of an expert is invaluable. Always seek advice. I would also suggest exploring new avenues of self care. For myself I’ve connected tremendously to Yoni steaming. After doing research I found that Keli Garza, founder of Steamy Chick has the best herbs on the market and an abundance of information for anyone seeking to be guided its holistic nature. Lastly, acupuncture by Samantha Story and building a community that keeps me balanced.

What rituals do you practice?

My rituals have changed with age. One consistent ritual is caring for my plentiful house plants. I find that my soul takes comfort in sustainable life, willful grounding and consistency. Yoni steaming on a weekly basis. Burning Sweetgrass and Palo Santo, while praying to my ancestors. I find that being grateful is important to continual growth and staying honest in life. Staying connected to my loved ones and having spatial awareness always makes my heart full of love and my spirit happy.

Can you describe your morning or evening routine?

My routine varies on a daily basis. But the few things that never change is my favorite routines; bedtime with my son and my skincare regimen. Son off to bed at 7:30pm every night. We read a few pages of his current favorite book and then I whisk him upstairs. I relish when we talk about something we loved about the day, then I’ll say a secret little prayer over him and send him to bed.

My skincare routine is the most sacred time for myself. I double cleanse starting with a Pai cream cleanser then a gentle exfoliating cleanser because I suffer from acne. Then I’ll do a guasha message focusing on the area that calls my attention the most at that time. Followed by a B3 serum from Marie Veronique, and a calendula moisturizer. In the morning I usually use the B3 from Marie Veronique and calendula moisturizer. As the seasons change my skincare routine changes as well.

What does “Beauty is Wellness” mean to you?

Beauty doesn’t have a face or a shape. Beauty is an attitude. To me, it’s the embodiment of taking ownership of your body and wellness. Being confident and having the wisdom of what helps you be at the top of your health, mental wellbeing and positive self talk.

What brands, products or ingredients are most excited to you right now?

Deeper emotional connection that was out of reach to me at in the past. CBD treatments have changed my life.

What are your top 5 CAP Beauty products?

We all have our own favorites but mine are...Marie VeroniqueDr. AlkaitisLauren’s All Purpose SalveThe CAPtivator Love Bath

The Matcha Coconut Butter

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