Listen Up: Music for Transcendence

Shane Davis, co-founder of one of our favorite New York spots, Public Records, is a committed and generous aesthete. His deep love for finding, and sharing, the best of the best is one we admire, so it was only natural that his playlist would elevate what we commonly think of as new age or techno music to an atmospheric soak of the highest order.

"I gravitate towards music that doesn’t necessarily evoke a specific emotion, but brings you somewhere otherworldly.  And despite the fact that new age music and techno are conventionally thought of on opposite ends of the spectrum— I value the same qualities in both in actually very similar ways.  In all of my work and in the ethos of Public Records we like to explore that connection.  Intellectual and spiritual values above genre style origin or biography." - Shane Davis, Public Records  


This playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music

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