Kerrilynn's Fall Tonic

I’m an espresso in the morning kind of person, but when the afternoon rolls around, I’m often in the kitchen preparing something a bit more nourishing, and a bit more involved. Lately with the weather starting to turn, I’ve been inspired by a combination that my friend, Gaia, of Internet Cookies, turned me on to: honey, chile, oat milk, adaptogens, coconut butter and herbal coffee. Sometimes I even add in licorice salt, which is an uplevel worth looking into! Ritualize your routine, and embrace your creation.


1 tsp CAP Beauty The O’CLOCKS: The 8AM

1 T CAP Beauty The Coconut Butter

1 tsp Activist Manuka Honey

1 tsp Mucuna or Ashwagandha 

1/4 tsp Diaspora Chile 

1/4 tsp cinnamon 

1 T Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee 

12-14 ounces nut or seed milk of your choice


Add all ingredients and blend on high. This can be served hot or cold. If cold, add ice to blender and make granita style. If hot, warm nut milk in pan until hot, but not boiling, then add all ingredients to blender and blend until frothy. 

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