Jimena Garcia


To say brow artist Jimena Garcia has a cult following would be an understatement. Jimena started her career in art school, where her training lead her to study the face, realizing how fundamental the eyebrows are to creating a beautiful palette. She’s now translated her interest in fine art to women’s and men’s faces, creating the most beautiful portrait possible through the brows. Book an appointment with Jimena here, or read on to learn more about her and her work.

How did you become the cult favorite brow artist that you are today? What’s your background?

By loving people.

Being able to use the gifts that where given to me, I have an intrinsic ability to see the beauty and essence in people. The understanding shape and form comes natural to me and that’s what I am able to put into shaping eyebrows which is a complete labor of love. I look at it as an honor that someone has placed trust in me with their needs. Throughout the years of seeing so many people, you realize that no matter what kind of work you do, if there is an physical exchange with others, there is an exchange of energy. This is very important to be conscious of and to respect this energy exchange. With this comes the power to heal, but that’s a whole other conversation.

When I think of background, I think of my true influencers. My mother was the true definition of a lady, her example makes me rise. My father had the soul of a Franciscan poet and showed me how to see and hear the world.

Or, do you mean, how I came to be an eyebrow artist?

Art is what makes me tick, it’s what gives me my biggest high! Naturally, I studied Art History & Fine Art, and then for fun I took a makeup course at Parsons. I wanted to know more about self- care. So after that, I became an esthetician, and through this journey, I stumbled upon eyebrows and voila! Actually, I still want to know more!


We see your work as art. What parallels do you see between art and what you do?

Thank you for seeing it that way, that makes me happy, as this is what I see it as well.

This is a big question. I just went to google, and this is what I found under ART and I agree:

“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in visual form such a painting or sculpture (adding in Brow Shaping), producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”


How have brow trends changed over the past few years? Have you noticed an extreme trend in the direction of a more full and natural look?

The truth is I don’t keep up much with trends, I am not really into them. I believe that everyone should carry what looks best on them. Whatever trends are in season don’t always fit everyone. Trends are fun at times when new things come up that you have never thought of before. It’s good to experiment sometimes because it can be exciting!

My clients for sure keep me updated with treads, and I do see that a more full and natural look is popular now. It’s everywhere! I believe that a woman tends to look younger and more beautiful with a more natural kept brow. Your natural brow also has character and is what makes you original.

Something that does interest me a lot is how beauty is seen in different cultures, and how we are influenced by our surroundings. For example, I find it fascinating that in Tajikistan, a small central Asian nation, the unibrow is welcomed! And considered a sign of beauty. They even have it drawn on the mannequins. That’s not to say that I believe in this, but there are a few exceptions out there that look beautiful totally natural.


We asked you to go completely natural at CAP (which you happily and excitedly accepted!). What is sugaring and how was the transition to sugaring from waxing?

I admire CAP Beauty for what it stands for, completely natural. We found it exciting to figure out how we could make it happen. I learned how to sugar a couple of years ago, and thought this was a great way to use the training I had acquired.

I like the idea, of catering to different client’s needs and discovering new techniques.

The history of sugaring dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Inspired by Alexander the Great, the women of Alexandria considered the process of the “sugaring” technique a standard of beauty and self-care. Persian women used a traditional sugaring paste called moum. The sugaring solution and method has always been the same through out different cultures.

Sugaring is a type of paste, similar looking to wax. It has pure and natural ingredients made from organic sugar, lemon and water. So natural you can even eat it!

The sugaring technique is the most gentle, natural way of hair removal. Exceptional for all skin types, hair textures and skin sensitivities. Using 100% natural & biodegradable ingredients. The process is never hot, completely sanitary, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


I know you’re a big fan of a lot of the lines we carry, in particular, In Fiore. What drew you to naturals? Have you always been interested?

I have always had the thought since I was young, that everything we need is on this planet. Intuitively, I am drawn and curious about naturals. I was born in Australia where they were super progressive with naturals and that was a big influence on me. When we moved to New York, I remember my mother was doing yoga in an apartment on the upper east side. Remember, yoga was not mainstream then. Now that I look back, I think it’s kinda cool that this lady was holding classes there. I love how ideas spread. And since my family is from Colombia and we would go there every summer, and through this experience I was introduced to a lot of naturals because of the antiquity and the traditions in the culture.

But, I believe the first formal education on naturals was when I got a book called, Healing With Whole Foods By Paul Pitchford. Now I feel like I am in naturals heaven in California, I can’t wait to start planting seeds! We all have so much to learn and discover.


You travel back and forth between New York and LA every month. What are your self care rituals for taking care of yourself after all that travel?

1. My custom Chinese herbs from my acupuncturist at The Tao of Wellness in LA. Tao of Wellness is a premiere Chinese medicine center in Southern California. Drs. Daoshing Ni and Mao Shing Ni are Masters of Tao practicing classic Chinese medicine.

2. Jill Lindsey Face & Body Mist. Smells make me feel at home! I spray everywhere.

3. Lip stick. Kosas in the color Rose Water. It’s my finishing touch.

4. I always have body and face oils, trying new stuff all the time, but I love In Fiore everything!

4. Yoga mat.


What are your favorite spots we should know about, both in New York and LA?

Two new treasures that I have recently found are:

1. In New York, The Alchemist’s Kitchen.



What does “Beauty is Wellness and Wellness is Beauty” mean to you?

The art of living I believe, is to see beauty through “Wabi-Sabi” (Wabi-Sabi is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics). To practice wellness is nurturing our beauty through self-care.


Top 5 picks from CAP?

1. The CAP Beauty Matcha

I am making all kinds of popsicles this summer using my Matcha from CAP Beauty. I am adding homemade almond milk, that my fiancé Robert makes (the cutest), and adding bits of ZenBunni chocolates that I am obsessed with!

2. Karmameju Renew Face Brush

I started doing “Face Cleansing” as I call it, on my friends at home. I massage, exfoliate and make homemade masks, to nurture their skin. They and I are in love with this brush method.

3. The CAPtivator Love Bath

Crazy about baths for the body and feet, this pack is such a treat!

4. Shiva Rose Blue Crystal Eye Cream

It’s been a game changer with all the traveling I do, and this such a dreamy color!

5. Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum

Last but certainly not least, the golden touch to my skin care rituals.

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