Behind Closed Doors: SriMati and Rich Roll


We were first introduced to Julie Piatt through her husband Rich Roll’s brilliant podcast, then fell in love with their cookbook The Plantpowered Way. When we heard about Julie’s latest book, This Cheese is Nuts, we knew we had to get a look inside this trailblazing family’s fridge. Read on for more on her food philosophy, or head here to RSVP to her June 22nd event.

“Our food choices have an entry into living our best and most authentic lives. In our experience, one of the most powerful moves we made toward living our best lives is by adopting a plant-based diet. Plants are a life force that foster the ideal environment for you to find yourself. When your body is free from processed foods and animal products, vitality, health, compassion and empathy awakens within you. The results of adopting this way of eating are soon seen and felt. Even eating plants for two weeks will have significant effects on your health. It’s incredible how resilient the human body is when supported with mostly whole plant-based foods. We are living proof. I healed a cyst in my neck with diet and Ayurveda, and Rich has trained and raced as an endurance athlete with amazing results for the past 10 years. We are not perfect all the time, but when we live a more plant-based diet most of the time, the effects have been dramatic on our overall health. Body, heart and spirit.

As a creative family of 7 working from home, someone is always looking for food in the kitchen in between podcasts, writing, painting or recording music. We love to cook at home as much as possible but sometimes we are creatively spent and so the vegan corn dog finds its way into the freezer. But when we practice non-judgment around our food choices we make space for independence and food freedom for all of us. The decisions our children make ultimately can be their own. Without fail, after choosing that slice of cheese pizza at a friend’s birthday party, there is a return back to the baseline of a vegan diet. Armed with the experience of how our bodies feel after eating dairy, gluten or meat we gain invaluable experience and keep refining the purity of what we are eating. Organic is something that is essential to us in endeavoring to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Pesticides are toxic! We don’t drink any alcohol so GT Dave’s Kombucha or any variety of Kombucha is our go- to spirit.

I just released my new cookbook, This Cheese is Nuts!, that contains over 75 plant-based cheese recipes. Think nuts, seeds, beans and tofu as your base for cheeses like Cashew Camembert, Almond Mozarella, Cashew Bleu, Triple Cream and Burrata! The innovation will blow your taste buds out of the stratosphere. Cheese 2.0, the new evolution of cheese.”

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