Ice Ice Baby


As the summer swelter continues, we’re upleveling our drinking game. And these ice cubes fit the bill. They’re created from refreshing and hydrating ingredients like herbs, lemon slices, green juice and beet kvass. Add them to your next beverage to get cool. And high.


These ice cubes are so simple to make and lend themselves to getting creative in the kitchen. All you need is an ice cube tray and herbs, lemon slices or your favorite drink. Add herbs or lemon to the bottom of the ice cube tray and add purified water on top making sure to submerge underwater. You can also simply fill the trays with a liquid of your choice. We love to add beet kvass (unfortunately with the freezing process you’ll lose the beneficial bacteria but they’ll taste delicious), green juice or almond milk. You can even puree berries and add to the trays (we love raspberries or strawberries). The point here is to get creative and use some of your favorite ingredients to make the most delicious (and beautiful!) ice cubes you’ve ever seen. Bottoms up!

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