How to Wash Your Face

There's a common belief that cleansing isn't the most important step in your routine. But we know that cleansing your face with a high quality and effective cleanser can be one of the most valuable steps as it creates a healthy, nourished foundation for the products you apply to clean skin. By taking the time to cleanse properly you're setting yourself, and your skin, up for a radiant, healthy and nourished outermost layer.

Some questions that come up around cleansing the face are: Do we need to cleanse both morning and night? What type of cleanser is best? How long should we cleanse for? Drawing on our research, experience and ongoing work with estheticians and skin experts, we're sharing our simple, considered and effective approach. Take the guesswork out of cleansing and make way for clearer, healthier skin.

Mornings are for rinsing, evening are for cleansing.

If you’ve properly cleansed your skin in the evening, there shouldn't be a need to wash your face again in the morning. Our AM routine starts with a quick rinse of cool or lukewarm water (never hot), providing us that refreshed feeling while keeping our skin barrier and natural oils intact. Most evenings we just cleanse once, however if you a tend to wear heavy makeup during the day, we recommend a double cleanse, once to attract and dissolve product, and another to finish the job. But if it's hot and sticky out, your skin might want a morning cleanse as well. Listen, and heed, what your skin needs and wants. That's always the goal.



Start with clean hands and a clean towel.

It’s important to work with clean tools, and that includes our hands. We like to wash our hands right before we wash our face, ensuring no dirt or residue on our fingers contaminate our complexion. For a similar reason, we always dry our skin post cleanse with a clean towel.



Choose a natural cleanser.

The cleansers we share at CAP leave out ingredients that strip our skin, and instead, include ingredients that hydrate, repair and protect out outermost layer. The best way to know if you’re using the right cleanser, is to assess your skin after washing. If it feels clean, supple and soft, your cleanser is doing its job. If your skin feels dry, stripped or squeaky, you’re likely using something too harsh. Choosing from one of the natural cleansers we offer is an easy way to guarantee your skin stays hydrated, healthy and happy.



Make it a ritual.

Cleansing can be a sacred act when approached as a ritual. Take your time and slowly massaging your favorite cleanser onto your skin, drawing small circles over your face, neck and chest. If you can massage your skin for a bit, all the better. We love to do this with a generous amount of blue, using it as a means to deeply massage the face, increasing circulation and stimulating your lymphatic system.



Pat dry, leave damp.

Because the skin on our face is very delicate, we make it a point to gently pat it dry after cleansing, avoiding any aggressive rubbing or unnecessary pressure. We've also found that leaving our face slightly damp helps our following products sink in more effectively and seal in hydration.



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