Food Combining 101


In celebration and anticipation of tonight’s event, we offer you our Bonberi + CAP Beauty Food Combining chart. For those unfamiliar, Food Combining is the practice of eating foods in certain combinations to optimize digestion and elimination. And when we remove obstruction from the body, vitality takes hold. 

I’ve been practicing these principles on and off for some time, but found radical change this year when I recommitted to its principles and began working with Gil Jacobs. Gil is not only a master colon hydrotherapist, he is a wellspring of knowledge on cellular detoxification and healing the body through cleansing (not to mention on film, sports, pop culture and all manner of political incorrectness!). Nicole Berrie is the founder of Bonberi and a walking billboard for this life. Her energy knows no bounds and she inspires us daily in the kitchen with her plant-based and perfectly combined meals. Follow her instagram to join the party. And discover the ease and the deep healing delivered through this simple, but potent system of eating. We hope you can join us this evening. In the store or through our live streaming video on Instagram. Come with an open mind. Come prepared for radical change.

Download the pdf here.

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