Decade Declarations

As I look back on the last year (wow, that was intense) and look towards the new one ahead (maybe, not quite so intense?) I can't help but wonder what others are asking to bring in, and let go. I've always been drawn to lists, especially of the self-improvement genre, I find serious inspiration when peeking into the minds of those I admire. So this year, I've asked my nearest, dearest, and others who simply inspire to share their thoughts on the new and the old. I hope that 2020 and beyond brings you all you desire; for yourself, for your friends, for your family and for our beautiful earth. May we all remember our many, many blessings.

Lalah Delia

Spiritual Writer, Wellness Educator and Author of Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power

Into this new decade, I take with me journeying in grace and living my power. ‘Grace’ I take as a gift of self-love and tenderness. And ‘living my power’, I bring along as a declaration of my growth, unfolding and remembering who I am.

I leave behind, and release, my inner-judging mind towards self, needing to learn through pain, and the need to find comfort in not being seen, aka, playing small, in any way.

I am fully fortified, initiated, and activated, and tenderly here for myself. I say yes to yes to fully living my power. So be it.

Leigh Patterson

Creator of The Moon Lists

I am taking forward the idea: I alone am responsible for my own happiness. My theme for looking ahead to the next decade is self-ownership of my emotions and wellbeing. Living with self-awareness doesn’t mandate a narrative or naval-gazing. Also…put the f**king phone down.

Emily L'Ami

Therapeutic Perfumer

The best way to contribute to this world is to start by deepening your connection with yourself.

Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman and Whitney Huhmann

Sphinx and The Priestess Co-Founders

This decade is a beautiful blank slate of potential. We are both committed to aligning with our greater purpose and only doing things that give us great pleasure that we're deeply passionate about. No more putting off happiness. No more settling. No more autopilot. We are using the new decade as an opportunity to recommit ourselves to health, happiness, and the highest vibrations possible. We started our brand to help and empower people to live their truth, and we have to make sure that we're taking our own advice and acting on it. This decade, we're all in.

We are leaving behind all trepidation and hesitation triggered by fear. Instead, if we're feeling unsure or afraid, it's an indication that we're on the right path. Anything that throws you out of the proverbial comfort zone is proof of your personal growth and evolution. If it freaks us out, we have to do it. 

Hector Guadalupe

Executive Director at A Second U Foundation

As we approach 2020, I have a clear vision when it comes to strengthening personal and professional goals, as well as ridding myself of unhealthy vibes I choose to leave behind. Don’t allow enjoying life and heavy workloads to overlap and become stressful. Be kind and love yourself. Create mental and spiritual space through reading, meditation and other tools of therapy that can help you better serve our communities.

Daphne Javitch

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

"What is my role in this?" is a question I'm bringing into the new decade. Less avoiding, expecting, deferring or blaming. More awareness, acknowledgement and ownership of my part in my health, my relationships, our community and this planet.

Christine Muhlke

Founder of Bureau X food consultancy and the Xtine newsletter and the author of “Wine Simple” and “Signature Dishes That Matter”

Taking into the 20s: Unapologetic power

Leaving behind: Fears and self-perceptions based on things that happened decades ago. Now that my son is at the age that I was when I started getting teased at school, I realize just how ridiculous it is that I’m holding on to things that kids said and did all the way back then. Time to move on.

Patrick Kelly

Sigil Perfumer and Founder

These days, I am fortunate (and grateful) to find myself in community with many inspiring thought leaders, disruptors, beautiful queer folk, fully present lovers. Through these relationships, I have learned that there is enough for every one of us to share in the many precious delights available, should we allow ourselves those pleasures. When we clear space for the things that put us in our purpose, we are like magnets for success, and associations of kinship. For the decade ahead, I am calling in abundance. No more fear, no more paradigm of scarcity. I leave behind me all feelings of self-doubt and bring in purpose-driven, precise clarity of being.

Krissy Jones

Co-Owner of Sky Ting Yoga

This was such an important decade for me, I really feel like I’ve turned the dial, in the past few years especially.

I’m taking with me more authenticity, commitment to my practice, and being more intentional about how I spend my time and energy. I’m leaving behind fear of not being liked, and worrying about the future. I’m excited for this decade! Each year for me gets better and better and I feel more and more myself as I get older.

Laura Regensdorf

Beauty Director at Vanity Fair and Contributing Editor at Vogue

A couple months ago I found myself in Twyla Tharp's sunlit loft on the Upper West Side. I'd met up with the 78-year-old choreographer to talk about her new book, Keep It Moving, but I was also there to watch a warp-speed version of her morning movement practice: hip rolls, ab exercises, a jangly improvisation to the Beatles. She asked me what my practice was. I made a sheepish grimace. Usually I'll make it to yoga or ballet class on the weekends, I answered, but weekdays are a slurry of deadlines and meetings. Does running out the door count?

Tharp didn't buy it.

It's not for lack of desire. Decades as a dancer have molded my bodily instincts far more than the years parked at a desk. It's the white-knuckled discipline that I have to rediscover, together with the self-worth needed to stick up for a personal plan. That's the intention for 2020 and beyond: to get moving, and stay moving. On my terms, in my own house, on the daily.

As far as misguided impulses to leave behind? Procrastination is a curse. Almost once a day I frown and remember an email long overdue (always at a moment when it's inappropriate to do anything about it). I have a story or two hanging over my head, plus an idea for a side project that has languished for two-plus years. I still am thinking of a Christmas gift for a couple of incredibly thoughtful people. Can you shed that tendency like a sweatshirt that brings no joy? With a little more torpedo-like action (and a few last emails before the New Year), maybe. 

Desiree Pais

Founder of Benshen Course

For me, the last decade was 10 years of monumental growth. Most people spend their 20s in college, then meet their person, settle down, get married, have kids, have success in a certain career path. My 20s and the last decade was an alternative reality, one where I got to train with ascended masters, complete 3 yoga trainings, receive a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine, experience the challenges and lessons of chronic illness and heal from it coming out on the other side with unparalleled wisdom that I get to share as I teach in person and virtually around the world. The last decade was about learning the lessons and going through a lot of pain to get to the gold. I’m excited to leave behind the pain and suffering it took to learn, for in the last year I learned that we can also grow through pleasure and desires.

For the next decade I’m excited to embrace my 30s knowing that we have the ability to create any self-construct we desire and how we want to experience the world as well as show up in it. The next decade we need powerful leaders, no matter what seat you lead from. I’m excited to bring empowered leadership into 2020 and beyond, as well as show women that we can rule the world and have fun too.

Melissa Telzer

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Positive Thinker and Two Time Cancer Person. Founder and CEO of InKind Space, an app that focuses on the human in the room, not the cancer.

This morning, on my short run (still not 100%) I was reflecting on this decade. There has been a lot of stress and anguish in my small family that I can't believe all happened in 10 years. One of my daughters at the beginning of 2010, at the age of 3.5, developed a seizure disorder that happens mostly when she sleeps. This entire decade we go sleep not knowing what can happen. And we can't say my 2nd diagnoses in February of 2016 made things any easier. However, as I look back on this decade I can't believe that my twin girls started this decade as pre-schoolers and are now full-blown teenagers. Time moves quickly and you have to embrace moments as much as you can.

With that said what I want to bring into this decade is the ability to keep moving forward no matter the situation and to leave behind the inability to just relax.

Michael Ventura

Founder of Sub Rosa and Indigenous Medical Practitioner

Take only what you need.

In this world of rapid consumerism and obliviousness toward the impact we have on the planet, it’s a good reminder to be thoughtful about your choices.

Show up.

Show up for yourself. For others. For the things that matter. Don’t just phone it in. Take an active role in your life and the lives of others you care for the most.

Meghan Wallace James



Michelle Mannix

Founder of Cookspace and Life Beyond the Recipe

I'm leaving behind behavior patterns and energy (whether put on me or that I give) that no longer serve.

I'm also leaving behind alcohol. My body has been telling me for longer than I'd like to admit thats it's no longer a match. Heading into 2020, where I will also turn 50, seems like a great milestone to finally put some discipline and commitment around around my desires.

Taking into 2020:To continue to focus my energy and actions on what matters in my life.

To do less and to just Be. Attentive, present, aware, kind, loving, generous, grateful and open.

To be more diligent and mindful about consumption, waste, and all of the many actions that contribute to our climate crisis. It's no longer enough just to carry a resuable water bottle.

My hope is that 2020 provides us leadership that lifts us up, inspires us and that we find ways to come together as a nation and a global community.

To channel the incredibly beautiful and simple but profound messages of Mister Rogers any time I can!

Rachelle Robinett

Herbalist and Founder of Supernatural

I was just looking over this year's resolution. I make one every year, which was: "Lean into edges. Explore. Let go & play." I had some resolutions for preventing burnout, which now feels so far away that I feel accomplished, and grateful.

In 2019 I learned how to work less, sometimes not at all, for the first time in my life. At first, it was extremely destabilizing and impressively difficult (depressing, existentially distressing, isolating and confusing. Like, was I winning or failing by being at the gym when everyone else was at work, or commuting home with the high schoolers rather than the adults?) But, like all things in life do, the severity of the initial sensations evolved and softened over time into what then turned out to be one of the best years of my life, and one more full of growth than nearly any other. I'm more relaxed than I've ever been before, and business is every bit as busy.

In 2020:

I will be bringing in: Rather than "more of the same," "reveling in the same." Contentedness is a virtue I do possess and now is fleeting. I intend to exercise present appreciation as hard as possible!

... and letting go of: Unnecessary to-dos. Mental inessentials. A mantra I'm learning to live asks, "What's here now when there is no problem to solve?" We invent so much of what we don't want in our lives. And, we tend to fill all of the gaps. I want to learn to love the stillness between breaths.

Arantzazu Goyoaga

Cookbook Author, Stylist and Photographer

I feel everyone has one or two overarching themes in their lives they are trying to navigate and resolve. Whether we are aware or not that’s another story. These themes drive so much of our perspective, choices and destiny.

For me, I would say judgment is one of them. Ultimately judgment is driven by fear, which I have been riddled with all my life. Certain childhood circumstances aggravated this fear and I became fearful of people, situations and the future. Control became my modus operandi at a young age, which led to anxiety, depression and ultimately an eating disorder.

I feel far from the need to control now but judgment seems to stick around a bit. It’s something that comes around when I am not balanced. I judge people, scenarios, potential business opportunities.... I underestimate a lot of things because of judgement. It’s my default protection.

I am very aware of it and catch myself often falling into the pattern. I look at the judgment and try to let it go.

So as we enter a new decade ( I will also turn 46 in February) my goal is to become less and less attached to judgment by seeing it for what it is and to embrace the unknown.

Bonnie Crotzer

Co-Founder of Ghost Flower Active

New years...We end up getting pressed with bringing on challenge and change, as if we don’t have enough pressure and stuff we are working on already.

It seems to me this is a time of year to get closer to myself and loved ones. To dive deep into reflection, to get still enough for the waters to quiet and mirror perspective back at me. It’s in the quiet that I get the “ah-ha’s”, the swirling daydream where the brilliant idea is born, the stillness is where I find the simple. Yes and No.

So instead of telling myself, this year I am going to believe in myself, which certainly I would like more of that, my prayer in this decade is to be still when it’s time to listen, for the stillness to fill my reserves and show me when and how and in what way to boogie. Because if I am gonna boogie, it’s got to be in full expression and it’s got to feel good.

What else am I leaving behind? So many lost bobby pins, RIP. Calling in more grandiose vistas, with hair down.     

April Gargiulo

Founder and CEO of Vintner’s Daughter

Using less of our earth’s precious resources is always on my mind. I'm also thinking about how we spend so much time looking to gurus, diets, books and yes, products for guidance, when so much of the time the answers are within us. As we begin the next decade, I want to cultivate and listen to my own intuition so that I may follow my true path more fully and always with gratitude and passion.

May Lindstrom

Founder and Formulator of May Lindstrom Skin

Ten years ago today I was ten days away from meeting my husband. I had just had an interview with the packaging designer who would ultimately help me bring my seedling of a vision for skincare that carried a message of love into the tangible goods that built my career of today. My children, now 7 and 3, weren't even imagined yet. I lived in a tiny, dark apartment where I was ending a relationship that had inspired me to be equally small and dark. On New Year's 2010, bringing in a new decade, I made three intentions: 1. Be open to friendships with women. 2. Be open to my spirituality, whatever that may be. 3. Say yes more. The next day, I received an email from a woman I barely knew, inviting me in a yes or no question to a spiritual center where I'd never been. I said yes to her, to me, to faith. And when I arrived, that's where I met my husband. I married him one year later, on January 1 of 2011.

I share all this because it's been a decade and the magic of those intentions coming into almost-immediate fruition led me to my marriage, my family, my career. But I've also let a lot of this fall away over the years, particularly my friendships with women and my own connection to and exploration of spirituality. So I'm revisiting, setting those same powerful intentions for the decade ahead. I want to look back ten years from now with the same reverence and awe of what came into being as in these last years.

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