Behind Closed Doors: Jess Hannah Révész


Jess Hannah makes jewelry for a lifetime. With a deep appreciation for objects and the transformative power they hold, her pieces are intended to be worn all day, every day. We’ve long admired her modern heirlooms, and have been curious about what a day in the life of this LA based creator looks like. Read on for a peek into her rituals, movement practices, meals and workday. Be forewarned though, you might just want to move to LA.

What are your thoughts on how rest relates to beauty?

It’s the fountain of youth! Sleep is so important, I always try to get at least 7 hours a night. Not to mention how it relates to work. Yes, obviously you need good sleep to function properly during the day but it’s also really great for creativity. Some of my best ideas come from dreams or that fun state in between sleep and lucidity. I keep a notebook close in case gold strikes. I often find funny notes to myself that I try to decipher in the morning. On that note, I heard somewhere once that creativity really comes to life when you are bored. But these days with cell phones and media constantly fighting for our attention, being bored is a rarity. Perhaps rest is the closest thing to boredom that we’ve got. I’ll take it! 


Please share a favorite way to unwind.

My weekend night-in ideal scenario:

A hot bath followed by a face mask

Slip into PJ’s and light a candle for ambience

A few puffs of a little somethin’-somethin’ and a movie in bed with my love and our dog and two cats. Luckily we have a king sized bed!

* before all of that –– Thai take out!!

What do you always keep on your nightstand? 

My nightstand is kind of an eclectic place, perhaps an accurate representation of me actually. A nice mix of new and old.


Key things:

A place to keep rings, very important!

Always a candle for the aforementioned wind-down, current one is woody and warm.

I like to have a clip or hair scrunchie always an arm’s length away. I’m not a fan of typical hair bands because they leave a crease.


I have a tendency to not finish books, so I'm often reading 3 or 4 at a time.... here's what's on the docket:

Fully Present

Art Can Help

Her Body and Other Parties

Sex at Dawn

Soul by Audrey Platanov

Can you give us a tour of your belongings please?

On my nightstand you’ll find:

Vintage lamp from my dad’s first apartment

Marble Vase gifted to me by my friend Becca

Diptyque candle, I just love the green color

A few room sprays

My collection of J. Hannah Nail Polish

Vintage Silver Shell jewelry box


Books, some old some new:

Moonlists by Leigh Patterson

Rings by Rachel Church

Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris


Jewelry Dish (I blew the glass plate myself!):

Vintage watch from Grandpa

Various J. Hannah Rings + a few vintage pieces

Cuticle Oil by Uka, the smell is divine!

Vintage Cartier Lighter

Glass ring holder


A few choice items from inside of my nightstand:

Silk Sleep Mask

More J. Hannah Polish

Vintage lighter that was my Grandpa’s (same initials as mine!)

Silk Scrunchie by Winden

Notebook in case of middle of the night notes to self, a dream or ‘high-deas’

Dosist pens


Various oils and a spritz:

Noto Rooted Oil

Tata Harper Stress Relief, I always bring this one on the plane

The CAPtivator mist, this is for morning or nice as a room spray


What is your skincare routine? 


Remove makeup with Bioderma

Cleanse with Dam Dam Nomad's Cream Cleanser

A few times a week I use Biologique Recherche P50 after cleansing

Sunday Riley UFO oil or Lesse Ritual Oil

In the winter I will add a moisturizer over the oil, either Embryolisse or Sunday Riley Tidal



Wash face with just water

Apply Lesse Ritual Oil + a few drops of a tinted moisturizer with SPF in it. Currently into one from Embryolisse.

Light makeup!



On a weekly basis I'll rotate through some of the following :

Noto Walnut Scrub

A Mask ! into : Lesse Bioactive Mask, Tata Harper Clarifying Mask, Soft Moisture Mask, Sunday Riley Good Genes




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