Bon Wrap


We’re trying hard to resist any number of puns here. It’s a Wrap! Under Wraps! Gangster Wrap…okay, maybe not. But the fact remains that wraps are a CAP Beauty staple, a perfect late Summer meal on the go and a great way to incorporate all of our favorite healthy ingredients into a portable powerhouse lunch.


So if you’re day tripping at the beach, hiking a canyon or heading off to work, wrap it up, CAP Beauty style.

How we roll:

To build a perfect wrap, lay out your choice of wrapper. We love a sheet of nori, not only for its hit of umami, but its impressive vitamin and mineral content. Nori even contains a bioavailable form of the elusive B12. Plant-based eaters take note!  Other options for this base layer are big collard leaves (remove the thick center stalk) or any number of pre made sheets available at the health food store. Many of these are grain free, made from coconut flour or a blend of raw and dehydrated vegetables and fruits.

Next, we add a spread.  Miso, tahini, olive paste or seed butter all work beautifully.

Now it’s time to pile high with your favorite fillings. Avocado, lettuce, fermented vegetables, sprouts, nut cheese, fresh herbs and thin slices of cucumber, carrot or radish are some of our favorites.  Sprinkle with hemp or sprouted pumpkin seeds for an extra hit of protein and wrap. A tiny bit of water brushed along the edge of the wrapper will help it hold.

We usually go freestyle, using whatever healthy ingredients we have on hand, but sometimes we want a more directed wrap:

For a Thai inspired wrap, top a big romaine or collard leaf with almond butter, loads of fresh veggies, kelp noodles, cilantro, chile flakes, extra salt and a splash of rice vinegar.

For something sweet, we top a coconut wrap with cashew or seed butter, banana and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, cacao nibs and salt.

Good to go goodness to go. Here’s to savoring the end of summer.

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