Birthday Cake!

We love September for so many reasons, including our birthdays, which happen to fall ten days apart from each other (Cindy’s been around for 10 days longer than me. Her: Virgo. Me: Libra.).

I had an uncle who believed in celebrating his birthday for a month and although that may seem excessive, to him it was a celebration of another year around the sun. You don’t have to take the whole month to do it (although if you can, cool) but do be sure and take some time to slow down and acknowledge how great you are. We only have so many rotations in us so stopping to recognize how beautiful this life and you are is sure to set your tone for the coming year. Happy Birthday!

We asked our friend, Erin McKenna, of Erin McKenna’s Bakery, to share her perfect birthday cake recipe. It’s a CAP favorite and one that we love to indulge in on all our birthdays. Enjoy!