Laura's Berkeley Travel Guide


Laura of Pansy is sharing her Berkeley with us today. With a list that includes the perfect spot for an afternoon snack, a farm right in the city, and a Japanese tool store, her neighborhood checks all the boxes. Come along, we're California dreaming.


Bartavelle Cafe is the sweetest cafe. Best place to meet up with friends or just drop by when Pascal and I need to escape the house. I recommend the porridge and hot chocolate. They just started to do a little natural wine night on Fridays and Tuesdays called Bar Sardine.

Standard Fare is another amazing spot in Berkeley for breakfast and lunch. They use only the best ingredients and make the best brownies.

Acme Bread is the most delicious bakery. An institution in Berkeley since the 80's. Often there are lines into the parking lot but it is worth the wait. I love their sticky sweet bread and sourdough cheese bread. 

Berkeley Natural Grocery is my neighborhood grocery store. I was so grateful to find it right after Whole Foods sold to Amazon and I haven't been back to Whole Foods since. It is tiny and perfect and has everything you need. 

The Little Farm in Tilden, a beautiful regional park in the hills in Berkeley, is a great place to take young kids. It's a little farm open to the public. We love feeding all the animals at the farm and petting the cows and sheep. 

The Steam Train is in another part of Tilden and is a such a sweet tiny train ride through the woods. You feel like you are in another world.

Hida Tool is an amazing shop. They sell tools from Japan. Woodworking and gardening and things for the home. They have the best nail clippers. 

Chez Panisse is a very special place to me. One of my favorite places to celebrate since I was a student at the university. Alice Waters has helped shape my cooking and eating. She has had such a big influence in Berkeley and is one of the reasons I love it here so much.

Berkeley Art Museum is our tiny museum with only a couple floors of art. I love that you can see everything in less than an hour. 

The University's Botanical Gardens are super beautiful. I love spending an afternoon winding through all the different plant collections.

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