Behind Closed Doors: Gabe Kennedy


Gabe, our plant powered crush, is waxing poetic on food, farmers and the contents of his kitchen today. Expect a fridge filled with all the heavy hitters (hi lemons, nuts, greens, apples, almond milk!) and a deep dive into what he eats, and why. Let the power of plants, and Gabe, guide you to your best, and most radiant, self. Plant people unite!

What is your food philosophy?  

Food is my everything. I utilize food and cooking as my meditation, my escape and my connection to myself and the planet. I eat mostly in season plants, grown locally and organically if possible. This allows me to invest in the product, support regenerative small scale agriculture, and keep it simple, which also makes for easy prep and clean up. 

There is no doubt that the food system is challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to consuming responsibly, however opting for local and seasonal plants is a great and tasty way to put our dollars in the right direction. 

What do you always keep in your fridge? 

Pasture raised eggs, arugula or other greens for salads and a sauté. Apples, the perfect snack. Lemons, great to have warm lemon water in the morning. I also add to almost everything I cook to bring some brightness, I may enjoy the zest most. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and homemade almond milk, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

What are your thoughts on how food relates to beauty? 

All vegetables and all people are beautiful. I will admit that I have never eaten to 'be beautiful' but rather to feel great. To feel energized, nourished and uplifted. It is no mystery that taking care of ourselves starts with what we put in our bodies. I think that eating clean, staying away from consuming lots of meat, dairy and sugar is a great way to feel and look great!

How did you come up with the idea for Plant People? What is your mission behind Plant People? 

Our mission is to heal and connect people and the planet through the power of plants. We do this through efficacious plant products, educational resources and regenerative activities. 

We are focused on reconnecting us to our true nature through unlocking centuries of botanical intelligence and equipping people with the knowledge and tools they need to look and feel their best. We are committed to regenerative agriculture, we don’t use any plastic and we plant a tree for every product that we sell! 

Plant People was born out of experiencing a traumatic spinal injury as a kid. I found support in plant based nutrition, alternative medicine and cannabis. We discovered that these plant based remedies were a fantastic path to recovery, inspired by the power of plants we made a commitment to share nature's wisdom with the world. 

Please share a favorite recipe. 

I love a great roasted mushroom. Maitkes are one of my favorites, not only for their earthy and meaty characteristics, but also for their health benefits. This dish is a roasted maitake with an aromatic broth and hazelnut and herb gremolata. There is something craveable and so nourishing about this dish. The hearty mushroom, complex broth and bright herb sauce come together to make magic. 

What do you eat that makes you feel your best?

I always feel great from vegetables, I think of  them as ‘high vibe’ foods. I like to connect what I eat with how I want to feel. If I am looking to feel more expansive, I gravitate to leafy greens. If I am hoping to ground myself and feel more nourished,  I will eat root vegetables and tubers. If I feel a cold coming on I will indulge in warming broths, spices and medicinal plants to help kick the symptoms. 

Who do you look to for inspiration in the food world?

My inspiration is what often occurs in nature. I love getting insight from the way that things unfold naturally, or with the help of a farmer. I love chef Michel Bras for his commitment to plants, celebrating and honoring every vegetable with the utmost respect. His style is creative, connected to the land and highlights the unique nature of edible plant life. 

Last best meal you had out?

I had an incredible meal at my dear friend Alex's restaurant, Sorrel, in SF. We grew up cooking together, and also went to culinary school together, so it was amazing to see where he has taken his skill and what he’s created. 

Last best meal you had in?

I try to cook something different that will last me through the week. Last week I had my sister over and made a delicious sweet and spicy rice noodle bowl with marinated shrimp, cucumbers, peanuts, fresh herbs, pickled carrot and radish and a citrus nuoc cham. I have a soft spot for Vietnamese food, so it was fun to cook it myself and put my own twist on it. 

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