Behind Closed Doors: Matilde Riccardi

Matilde Riccardi, a Belgian Italian from Brussels, has made it her mission to share  the transformative properties of Mother of Pearl. Upon moving to Los Angeles eight years ago, and acting as creative director for many start up brands across the city, this new Mom is now focusing attention on her and her partner, Nastassia Bruckin's ingestible and topical brand Dosage. With a mission statement that shares "the leisurely pursuit of high culture, pleasant relaxation and deep nourishment in a bottle", this tiny but mighty capsule is for sure making its way into our daily routines. Read on to discover what she turns to to feel her best. And for her it seems, the sea is calling.

What is your skincare philosophy?

Less is more.

If you can eat it, even better!

It should be good for you and good for the environment.


How did Dosage come to be?

We wanted to create a product that would feed our passion for health and beauty as well as being a creative outlet. A beauty product that could be consumed and work from the inside out. We were not happy with the quality that was on the market so we anted something that would meet our standards and align our lifestyles with our values.


What are some of the benefits of mother of pearl?

Mother-of-Pearl is essentially a collagen replacement. It is scientifically proven to be incredible for skin hydration and complexion. It acts at the deepest layers of the skin's tissue by remineralizing. In TCM, it is known to pacify the mind and tranquilize the soul.

MoP is super rich in calcium. +++++


How do you start your day?

Drinking a big glass of water with a capsule of nacre/mother-of-Pearl and feeding my baby!

Then I have a veggie protein shake with flax milk, berries and 1/2 an avocado, as I believe it's so important to get your metabolism started right away. 


What is your skincare routine?

I start most days with a walk to the beach.

When I can, I like to wake up my skin by jumping in the ocean. The morning ocean mist gives me a fresh and rosy skin and my hair is the happiest and curliest with the ionized sea air.

When I get home, I like to sit in my Japanese tub dry and only use the necessary amount of water needed to start my skincare routine. I wash my face with algae cleansing milk from Osea. I then apply oil on my face and body. Right before I go out, I will put my tinted sunscreen from Marie Véronique mixed with a moisturizer of choice.

My routine is pretty simple as I believe in the power of Mother-of-Pearl powder to nourish my skin.


What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

I do the 5 Tibetans every morning. Monks have been doing this for centuries so it must be good enough for me too. I also mix in some Victoria Secret butt lifts and ab crunches. 

Do you have a favorite ritual?

Homemade CAP iced matcha with coconut creamer either in the morning or when I need a pick-me-up in the afternoon.


How do you end your day?

A sunset beach walk is always a good idea.


What does beauty mean to you?

Confidence and taking pleasure in life and its promise.


I like to treat myself to a face mask during a bath and really take the time for my skin to soak up the extra love. I notice I do face masks when I need to slow down and unwind. The whole ritual forces me to take a break. It’s both soothing to my skin and my soul. M-o-P is so versatile and I like to incorporate it into my face mask regimen, this is what I include:

1 scoop of Manuka Honey

I open the capsule and sprinkle the powder directly on the honey and apply on a clean face with a wooden stick. I allow it to stay for about 15-60 minutes depending on how much time I have.

For easier application:
It can help to mist the face before or add an egg white to the mixture.

Remove with warm cloth.

Doing the M-o-P topical masks gives you an instant deep and nutritive glow with long-term benefits; it will keep your skin healthy, balanced, hydrated and protected.

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