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My fiancé and I have similar but somewhat different eating patterns, so I’ll speak on behalf of what’s mine. I just recently started eating an autoimmune gut healing diet, so the fridge has gotten a lot sparser; however, I’m constantly grateful to be in Los Angeles where I can pick up avocados, cherimoyas, and pop to Erewhon for the really “out there” stuff, all in one day. All under the grace of the 75-degree sunshine.

Back to this whole Autoimmune, gut healing diet. It’s from The Paleo Approach, which countless people and professionals turned me onto. I’m only doing it for four months to really strengthen my gut lining and balance my gut bacteria, which is sans seeds, nuts, nightshades, soy, grains and sugar. Nothing that will overstimulate the immune system, so that my body can take the time to focus on deep healing, which means a whole lot of bone broth, healing animal proteins, vegetables and fruit.



I’ve been using coconut water as the base of my smoothies since sprouted nut mylk is out. I’ve been SO busy that I haven’t had a chance to cut open a coconut and use the water and meat from it. I intend to. Next is a huge tub of bone broth. I’m grateful for the best little spot in Echo Park, Honey Hi, which is generous enough to fill up my jar when I’m too busy to make my own.



There is one piece of paleo cake left over from the dinner gathering I threw last night, a jar of preserved lemons from Cookbook, my ADDICTION, Coconut Cult Yogurt, and some gut healing coconut kefir. These are my treats! A lot of gut balancing probiotics.



Here you’ll find my (always) overflowing bowl of ripe avocados. Miso paste, which I use sparingly in dressings, and some fermented veggies.



This is where I keep my rescue dog Barley’s dinner, which is quality raw dog food, and some chopped up apples. To the right of that is leftover brisket I made two days ago.



In the drawers, you’ll find Merguez sausages (an ode to a lot of time in Europe) and some roasted beets. And the following drawers are lined with fresh Farmers’ Market veggies. At the moment, I’m finding a way to turn this healing medicinal food into pleasure. It’s been a fun challenge.

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