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Seven years ago we sent a brief to Katie Hess, founder of flower remedy line Lotus Wei, for our first product, The CAPtivator. The list included three directives that we thought everyone could benefit from more of: love, magnetism and libido. And she delivered. Katie's lifelong commitment and deep knowledge of the power of flowers reign supreme and are omnipresent in The CAPtivator. Her formulation marries the intoxicating scents of Sandalwood, Rose, Neroli and Clary Sage with the energetic properties of Gardenia, Crown Flower Lotus for a spray that elevates and lifts you to to a higher realm. It's what we reach for to introduce ritual, plants and intention into our days. All day, everyday; captivate yourself and others.

It's been many years since we came up with the idea for The CAPtivator and I love it more than ever. Can you share your process when we sent over the initial brief which included promotion of magnetism, love and libido?

I asked Kerrilynn and Cindy about how they wanted their community to feel. What was the essence of the CAP Beauty brand? We talked about the vision and intentions of CAP Beauty. I created a palette of essential oils that embodied this vision and went to work formulating. Many hours and days later, I sent 10 vials of samples for feedback. I made revisions and tweaks based on feedback and sent more samples. Once we had the winning aromatherapy scent, I added flower remedies that magnify the healing qualities desired. I put everything together and voila! CAPtivator complete. Aroma-wise, we chose a warming, alluring blend of Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Neroli and Rose, with a touch of spicy aphrodisiac Black Pepper. Then I chose flower remedies to amplify the blend with special healing qualities that work on an energetic level. It's been so beautiful to watch the CAPtivator spread like wildfire and see how much people love it! 


Please explain what flower remedies are and how you got involved in the magical world of plants. What led you to them, and what keeps you in service to them?

Flower remedies are an ancient practice and method of self-healing. Historically, doctors and medicine men and women on all continents of the world recommended their patients to go out into the wild and drink the dew drops from the tops of specific flowers or work with fresh flowers infused in water for specific transformational ceremonies. In the 1930's and 40's a doctor from the UK developed a way to scale the dewdrops so that we could bring nature into our everyday lives by bottling the lifeforce of flowers. 

Through a solar infusion process, we collect the concentrated elixir of the lifeforce of specific healing flowers. When applied on, in or around the body, they operate within the body's meridian system to harmonize energies, remove stagnancies and promote healing on all levels. In short, it's like an acupuncture session without the needles -- only using elixirs made of fresh flowers. Elixirs have no scent and are traditionally taken internally for emotional, mental and spiritual balance. 

I have been working with flower remedies for over 20 years; every month I am continually shocked at how powerfully healing and rejuvenate they are. I see  and hear so many people in our community having powerful personal transformations; I will devote the rest of my life to educating people about the magic of flowers and the plant kingdom.  


How do you integrate The CAPtivator into your day to day?

I mist and anoint myself several times a day whenever I feel like I need a boost of warmth, sensuality or magnetism. 


There are scents in The CAPtivator that smell beautiful but there are also flower essences that work discreetly on and with the body. Can you expand on how you came up with the marriage of all of these to create a product that works both physically and energetically?

I asked Kerrilynn and Cindy what they wanted their community to feel like when interfacing with their brand -- what was their vision and the most meaningful essence that they could impart to their community. They said: Captivate. Allure. Charm. Enamor. Mesmerize. Spellbind. Intrigue. Magnetize. Hypnotize  

To support the actions of the essential oils, I formulated flower remedies to magnify beauty, inspire playfulness and love:  Navel Orange Blossom, Gardenia & Crown flower. 


What other practices keep you feeling your best, I imagine that they all exist around plants, but am curious to hear about all the ways you support yourself.

Meditation practices, taking moments throughout the day to sit quietly and take in the sounds of nature, seeking out nourishing foods and minerals.


What are your favorite ways to use the CAPtivator?

The mist is a quick pick-me-up -- a shower of warmth and sensuality. The anointing oil applied to pulse points is spicy and alluring. Sometimes I like to wear it before I go salsa dancing, so I'm more free and aware of my body. The bath salts are for full-on immersion when I need a whole-body soak in lusciousness. 


What has been your biggest learning from the flowers? How have they impacted you and influenced your life and career?

The flowers have taught me that the Earth is a living organism. it is not some rock flying through space that we walk on. It is a living, breathing organism. If we tune into it or make requests, it hears us. If we ask for support, it can be our best friend and home to our awakening. 

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