Rose Quartz Breathwork


We first became aware of Ashley Neese through the world of instagram and were genuinely inspired. A truth seeker in all matters, she shares her story, and also her struggles. Through her open and honest dialogue about her journey she encourages others to look deep, get to know yourself and implement radical self-care on a daily basis.  We admire her commitment to turning her life experiences into beacons of light. Let your light shine.


Breathwork is the healing practice I love because it quickly gets to the heart of what so many of us are seeking. Learning to breathe consciously has given me incredible clarity and opened my heart in ways that nothing else has.

Rose quartz is my number one self love crystal. It holds a very gentle vibration of love and sends a reminder to soften into each moment as it arises. Whenever I need extra support in my life I often carry a small piece of rose quartz in my pocket to remind me to live from a place of love instead of fear.

The beauty of breathwork and crystals is that they heal on energetic and physical levels. When you heal your energy the physical comes into alignment. Breathwork helps you move through blocks you don’t always see, heal past wounds, and get to the core of what your soul desires. Rose quartz supports this heart healing and helps you cultivate deep self worth.

Breathing with rose quartz is a very transformative practice. This is a powerful meditation to do when you want to call more love and softness into your life or when you’re going through challenges in relationships. This is also a beautiful practice to teach children as the breathwork will support their intuitive nature and they can quickly tune into the calm energy that rose quartz carries.

Rose Quartz Breathwork

Gather your rose quartz pieces and find a comfortable place to lie down.

Be sure that one small piece of rose quartz is within reach of your left hand.

Close your eyes and release your body onto the floor.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Repeat four times very slowly.

Soften. Relax.

Hold the rose quartz in your left hand in whatever position is comfortable. Breathe in and out through your nose with long, smooth breaths. On the inhale, feel the rise of your abdomen. On the exhale feel it release down.

When you’re ready, begin to lengthen your exhale by 2-3 counts. Extending your exhales grounds the nervous system and guides your energy channels into a receptive state.

Continue with extended exhales for 5 minutes then place the rose quartz on your heart and gently place your right hand on top of it for a moment. Take a few deep breaths into your hand then release it back down and breathe gently in and out through your nose for as long as you desire.

Let the rose quartz and your breathing do the work, don’t focus on anything other than your breath. Allow yourself to receive this healing without trying to figure it out.

Receive. Soften. Relax.

Remove the rose quartz and rest until you are ready to get up. Practice daily for 10 days and make note of any changes.

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