Core Values


Values act as constant north stars for us. Because when our decisions align with our values, we access our clearest and best self, allowing flow and ease in our day. As we honor and cultivate our values, they align us to what truly lights us up. Getting clear is the first step. To discover your own set of values, consider which words speak to you most, reflecting on how and why they add meaning to your life. We find it important to be ruthlessly honest with yourself when choosing the words. Don't pick ones you think you should pick, only choose those that truly resonate. There's gold in the honesty.

Review the list of words below and choose 3-10 values you wish to live by. If you want to use words not on this list — great! The most important thing is that your values resonate with you.


  1. Aesthetics
  2. Authenticity
  3. Achievement
  4. Adventure
  5. Adaptability
  6. Autonomy
  7. Balance
  8. Beauty
  9. Boldness
  10. Compassion
  11. Challenge
  12. Citizenship
  13. Community
  14. Competency
  15. Contribution
  16. Connection
  17. Creativity
  18. Curiosity
  19. Courage
  20. Credibility
  21. Determination
  22. Diversity
  23. Discovery
  24. Equality
  25. Efficiency
  26. Fairness
  27. Faith
  28. Forgiveness
  29. Freedom
  30. Friendships
  31. Fitness
  32. Family
  33. Fun
  34. Growth
  35. Grace
  36. Gratitude
  37. Generosity
  38. Harmony
  39. Happiness
  40. Honesty
  41. Health
  42. Humor
  43. Humility
  44. Impact
  45. Influence
  46. Integrity
  47. Innovation
  48. Inspiring
  49. Insightful
  50. Inner Harmony
  51. Intention
  52. Justice
  53. Kindness
  54. Knowledge
  55. Leadership
  56. Learning
  57. Love
  58. Loyalty
  59. Mastery
  60. Moderation
  61. Meaningful Work
  62. Nature
  63. Nurturing
  64. Openness
  65. Opportunity
  66. Optimism
  67. Organization
  68. Patience
  69. Peace
  70. Pleasure
  71. Playfulness
  72. Poise
  73. Popularity
  74. Purpose
  75. Quality
  76. Recognition
  77. Religion
  78. Reputation
  79. Respect
  80. Responsibility
  81. Security
  82. Self-Respect
  83. Self-Development
  84. Service
  85. Sharing
  86. Spirituality
  87. Stability
  88. Success
  89. Sustainability
  90. Simplicity
  91. Stewardship
  92. Thoughtfulness
  93. Trustworthiness
  94. Transparency
  95. Tradition
  96. Uniqueness
  97. Vision
  98. Wealth
  99. Wellness
  100. Wisdom


OUR VALUES AT CAP: These are the tenets we live by, the rules of the game for High Vibrational Living.



Mother Nature knows best. Let her bounty nourish you inside and out. Everything we need grows in her wild kingdom. Love your Mother.



Be curious, explore and go deep. Wellness is a marriage, not an afternoon fling. Commit to the power of commitment. Commit to your choices. Own them. Evolve with them. You’re in this together.



What we do every day counts more than what we do every once in awhile. When simple acts of self care become habit, we catalyze change. Focus less on the end goal and more on the acts that serve you daily. This is when true transformation happens.



Focus on adding in good habits and less on giving up the bad ones. When you commit to positive and healthy choices, there is simply less time and less desire for the patterns that don’t serve you. Choose healthy abundance, not deprivation. And, welcome the shift.



Clear the way. Making space creates clarity in mind and body. Get rid of what’s weighing you down. Elevate to a higher state.



Live by the sun. Love by the moon. A deep connection to cycle informs your choices and rules self care. Be at one with the seasons. Succumb to what they ask. And, support yourself through daily, monthly and seasonal shifts.



Win the game before it even starts. With a little planning and prep, you set yourself up for victory each and every day. Claim the trophy.



Embrace your life of change, and, as you raise your vibration, let it lift others. You won’t need a soap box. The curious will find you. Stand in the light, and others will see.



Sweat it out to get it out. Sweating on the daily nurtures your body, mind and spirit. Few acts are as vital to our overall state of beauty. So, get moving.



Be still. Do it every day. Practice quiet, and experience a shift on every level.



When your mission is clear, life flows. Your North Star will light the way. Take the time to find yours. We all have one. Let it shine.



Give thanks for all you have. There’s more to come, and then some. Love what you have, and the floodgates will open.



It’s all there is.


We would love to see your list of values. Share it with us on instagram @capbeautydaily. Life is a learning and this exercise is one we've gleaned a lot from.

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