My Universe: Veronica Ortuño

The vibrant artist and designer, Veronica Ortuño marries her Mexican heritage, travel, thrift store finds, music and fashion to create an elegant and kaleidoscopic vision. The owner of Las Cruxes, a curated retail store and gallery, and Casa Veronica, an interior design firm, she has a remarkable appreciation for the unexpectedly beautiful. We especially love her bold use of color and ability to marry different shapes, textures and patterns to create an aesthetic that is truly her own. Here’s our snapshot into Veronica’s universe, where worlds collide for the better, and everything is a bit more colorful.


Jeans: Vintage Levi’s 505, 501’s and my embroidered Texas-related denim scores

T-shirt: Love my husbands thin hand-me-downs

Heels: MNZ - Olympia Wedge goes with everything; Vintage kitten heel thongs

Sneakers: Reebok Classics

Boots: Vintage Vaquero Boots

Belt: Obsessed with a Charro belt I got as an homage to my abuelo & tios; MNZ anchor belt that was glass-blown by Gennaro Pepe. 

Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear - Bikini Vision in Crystal Kelp 

Bag: SC103 links tote

Jewelry: Always wear my wedding ring created by my husband and dear friend Natasha (of Mondo Mondo) and my necklace with Guadalupe icon medallion and sacred Evil Eye amulet.

Fabric: Anything organic, textured, raw, lived-in

Color: I love all colors. I think the beauty of them is mixing and matching to create something unexpected & fresh.

Designers: Mother Earth

Store: Thrift & antique stores in small towns

Web shop: I’m an avid eBay, Etsy, and Depop-er 

Swimwear: Love my Margarita Bikini Sets from Gil Rodriguez & new piece by GUAGUA

Style Icon: Björk



Astrological sign: Sagittarius 

Workout: 15-20 min. yoga; swimming; stretching before beginning ceramics work

Studio/teacher: Yoga With Adriene on Youtube

Experts in your corner: Brandi Jo Perkins of Ritual Union; Tess Seipp of Pretty Hole Collective; Tere & Irasema of Birth Comadres 

Morning rituals: give thanks; brush teeth & hydrate face; drink water; light incense to welcome the day and put on some music or podcast; make smoothies for the family before we drop our daughter at daycare. 

Evening rituals: face cleansing; brush teeth; stretch out any kinks using a foam roller; spray bed sheets with rosewater and close the day giving thanks. 

Astrologist: Walter Mercado

Shower or bath: I love a lavender oil bath but generally only have time to shower.

Extrovert or introvert: Extroverted introvert. I honor both. 

Stress management techniques: 11 minute meditation; mindful breathing throughout the day; water the plants; listen to the birds and elements outside


Tea or tonic drink: iced matcha latte (loving the CAP Beauty Matcha Sticks!) with oat milk

Always in your fridge: butter; oat milk and coffee creamer

Always in your pantry: avocados, bananas and oranges  

Go-to dinner recipe: creamy cilantro pasta or shitake mushroom and veggie rotini pasta with tomato and basil sauce

Go-to dinner party recipe: blackened tilapia or shrimp tacos with baja slaw

Snack: caprese salad or a smoothie

Drink: water, cold press juices, mezcal, espresso martini or slightly dirty martini with a twist

Grocery store: Our weekly Farmer’s Market and we Texans also love our H.E.B.

Favorite flavors: tangy, smokey, spicy, sweet and savory, hazelnut, coconut

Spice: cracked peppercorn

Herb: basil 

Vegetable: jicama 

Fruit: mango, watermelon, orange, avocado, lemons and limes 

Cookbook: Casa de Luz recipe book; zines with recipes by Susan Cianciolo


Lip: Nars - Velvet Matte Lipsticks; MAKE Beauty - Tangerine (which is sadly discontinued)   

Perfume: Sandalwood oil as a base, then my mood determines either Mondo Mondo - Cowboy; Coqui Coqui - Coco Coco; or OLO - Darkwave

Hair stylist: Sara Ostovar at Modesty Hair Studio 

Cleanser: Fat and the Moon - Earth Polish Cleanser

Serum: AM: Noto - Face & Neck Serum

PM: Ritual Union - Golden Kiss Regenerative Skin Serum; Éminence - Neroli Eye Serum 

Moisturizer: Costa Brazil - Jungle Body Oil; High Sun Low Moon - Golden Oil; Éminence - Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Mask: Aztec Secret, add apple cider vinegar or Fat and the Moon Oil & Masa Mask. 

Beauty tool: Gua sha

Makeup: Noto Multi Benne Stick


Home: Elgin, Texas

Art in your home that you love: Nude by Emma Kohlmann; some paintings potentially by Chucho Reyes I found for cheap at the tianguis; Drawing/collage by Otis Blease; hand drawn postcards from my friend Sonya Sombreuill 

Museum/Exhibit: Museo Anahuacalli; Casa Museo Salvador Dalí; any space Barragán touched; Casa O’Gorman built by Juan O’Gorman in 1929 for his father; MET Museum; Dream House by La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela; MoMA; the Girard Wing at the Museum of International Folk Art.

Pets: Our 14 year old maine coon, Babykitty

Pottery: Anything originating in México. One of my favorite finds is the sirena (mermaid) plate by the late, great ceramic artist, Dolores Porras.

Piece of furniture: I’m a “chairs person” – 1050 Chair by Nelson Smith & Malek Lazri; Pair of French Bobbin Rattan Corner Chairs found at Round Top; 70’s Italian lounge chair found at a garage sale

Furniture designer: Luis Barragán; Clara Porset; Charlotte Perriand; Ryan Preciado; WAKA WAKA; Muller Van Severen

Minimalist or maximalist: Minimal-maximalist, absolutely. 

Dream dinner party guests: Mi Papa; Mi Papa’ñiel; Thich Nhat Hanh; Luis Barragán; Cesar Chavez; Maria Sabina; Nina Simone; Leonard Cohen; Malcolm X; Angela Davis; Bjork; Salvador Dali; Frida Kahlo; Viola Davis; Alan Watts; Eckhart Tolle; David Attenborough…

Most used kitchen gadget: Cast iron skillet

What do you collect: Folk art and interiors books

Restaurant: Justine’s Brasserie; Tetetlan; roadside taco stands in México with handmade tortillas

Cafe: Any tiny café by a body of water; where you can have a cup, read a book, and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks. 


Inspiration: The Universe  

Quote: recently, “Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rilke 

Beach: Bolinas Beach; Playa Carizalillo; Caló des Moro

Charity: RAICES 

Favorite place in the world: Way too many favorites to narrow down just one! México; Greece; Spain; Jamaica; Italy; driving next to the plains in France; driving in the Swiss Alps during snowfall; Krakow; Brussels; small villages en route from England to Scotland; road tripping the Pacific Coast Highway or the Southwest with your sweetheart…I could go on and on.  

Soiree: David Mancuso’s, The Loft Party

Films: Oof…so tough, though I never tire of Best in Show or Goodfellas

Books: I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the studio and read in my spare time. I just finished Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, Crazy Brave by Joy Harjo, and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Inner age: Infinity

Song in your head at the moment: The entire soundtracks to Coco and Turning Red, which my daughter, Paloma is currently obsessed with. 


Apps: NTS Radio; Audible; IG; Depop; WhatsApp; Pinterest; Airbnb; Youtube

Podcasts: Brené Brown: Unlocking Us; The Daily; This American Life; Democracy Now; Radiolab

Favorite Instagrams: @bruisesgallery; @uoqaus; @superyaya100; @miichaelaroque; @patriciamaria_; @kaiaventdeleon; @taller_manos_que_ven; @spazioleone@violetwhiff

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