My Universe: Mengly Hernandez

Meet Mengly Hernandez, stylist, artist, designer and founder of, Linea Germania, a sustainable line of textiles committed to the exploration of color, modernity and simplicity. You can currently find her living between New York and Stockholm with her beautiful family. Come along and get inspired as she shares the colors, textures and shapes that make up her world.



What’s your sign Gemini

Workout mat Pilates, yoga , stretching

Do you meditate Yes everyday

Morning rituals warm water with lemon then a cup of either genmai matcha, or a black tea with oatly I may add a little honey it’s the only time I add anything sweet. I stay away from any sweeteners 

Evening rituals stretching, reading a book or magazine, listening to a podcast. I have two small children so time is tight after they sleep I try and have more me time

Shower or bath shower I don’t have a bathtub currently 

Extrovert or introvert equal parts I really honor my introvert side 

Stress management techniques scream lol, meditation, walking, stretching, listening to miles Davis 


Tea or tonic drink tea lots of tea

Wellness idol  I love me some Lauren von Der Pool,  Queen Afua, anyone trying to dismantle the current food system that is killing millions. 

What’s always in your fridge probiotics, lots of veggies, oatly and almond milk

Go-to dinner recipe you got me there. I don’t like cooking maybe a loaded salad

Favorite snack I love seaweed crisps, nuts, and seeds

Favorite drink water and tea

Grocery store  I’m in Sweden now so we go to ICA but there was a favorite called Happy Food Store, they are based in Finland but unfortunately due to covid and the financial strain, they closed

What’s always in your pantry avocados, lemons, tea, and nuts

Dream dinner party guests Frida Kahlo, Miles Davis, Louise Bourgeois, Josephine Baker, Richard Pryor, Iris Chacon, Malcolm X

Most used kitchen gadget blender and toaster


Toothpaste sensodyne or toms

Soap weleda

Lip I alternate between Olio E Osso and RMS, or Glossier lip tint 

Perfume or Cologne either my own scent that I make, vetiver essential oil or comme des garçon odeur 53

Hair stylist usually the Dominican spot in NYC, none currently in Sweden 

Cleanser weleda

Toner weleda

Moisturizer Tata Harper Hydratant

Mask  definitely my Balbec nomad mask or the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Beauty tool brow gel

Makeup RMS, a little Glossier

DIY mask I wanna try a honey mask


Where do you live I live between NYC and Stockholm 

Piece of art in your home I have an original photograph of Billie holiday by Hugh bell who photographed all the greats. He passed away a few years ago, my husbands photograph, some Barron Claiborne photographs, a beautiful hannes Michanek painting, lots of Bjorn Brusewitz works

Museum Moderna Museet, Millesgården, Artipelag, Malmö konsthall, MET Museum, Moma, MET Cloisters, Noguchi Museum, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum, Museo Nacional Antropologico, Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, Children’s Museum of the Arts

Pets my cat Milo

Sheets anything with a very high thread count

Local restaurant Indian food

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town in NY I liked Tazo or Manhattanville in Stockholm I go to Broms Karlaplan

Pottery anything by Anna Lee Campbell, Makoda Rindal, love Japanese pottery

Favorite piece of furniture my yellow ochre China cabinet I got at housing works years ago and my west African stool

Minimalist or maximalist I’m both depending on the mood

Hotel - darn it’s been a while. I loved Mabel dodge Luhan house in New Mexico

What do you collect I collect rocks, wooden spoons, textiles, art books, postcards, vases, pottery 


Who or what inspires you courageous people and my two moms 

Crush my husband 

Beach boca chica in Santo Domingo 

Favorite place in the world home

Films In The Mood For Love, Raise The Red Lantern, Spirited Away, Ratatouille, Touki Bouki, anything Fellini, anything Chantal Akerman, A Woman Under the Influence, Gloria, anything John cassavetes, Train spotting, Vagabond, The Passion of Anna, A Nos Amours,  A Woman is a Woman, Autumn Sonata, Cries and Whispers, La Piscine, Vivre Sa Vie, In the Realm of the Senses, Betty blue, The Red Balloon, City of Gods, Paris Mon Amour, Breathless, Black Orpheus 

Favorite albums Billie holiday, Fela Kuti, Astrud Gilberto, Miles Davis, I love to listen to sutras, Frank Ocean, Kelsey lu, my Bloody Valentine, Oumou Sangare, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Camron. 

Books Blizzard Ball, autobiography of Billie holiday, Black Boy, Transforming Trauma, Handmaids tale, etc mostly non fiction 

Artists Sheila Hicks, Hannes Michanek, Louise bourgeois, Mike Kelley, Adrian Piper, Sam Gilliam, David Hammons, Kimsooja, Eva Hesse, Faith Ringgold, Yayoi Kusama, Doris Salcedo, Tschabalala Self, Gabriel Orozco, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Simone Yvette Leigh 

Who would you want to be for a day  my grandma who I never met

Inner age I vacillate between 16 and 60

Song in your head at the moment tristeza by Astrud Gilberto 


Jeans vintage Levi’s 

T-shirt tattered Star Wars t shirt or something really soft

Socks Linea Germania socks

Shoes anything comfy

Sunglasses Celine or vintage

Day bag cotton tote bag or my Mexican woven bag

Jewelry my Turkish evil eye protection necklace and charm

Workout wear anything for running or yoga or a simple T-shirt and shorts

Designers Lemaire, L’Enchanteur 

Lingerie or underwear cotton underwear 

Favorite stores Love Adorned, Muji, any museum gift shop, vintage stores, 

Online shopping site - Arket, Apotea

Swimwear  Uniqlo U

Style Icon grandma

Kids stores  all the mom and pop shops in park slope


Phone iphone

Phone case one with my pattern that i designed 

Website Linea Germania

Podcasts Tara brach, cool moms, the doctors pharmacy, the daily, how I built this 

Favorite gadget my phone

Favorite Instagram  too many

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