My Universe: Alexis Badiyi

Meet Alexis Badiyi, stylist and creative, who has spent the summer making our favorite face masks from her Brooklyn home. With a background working for brands like Ralph Lauren and Helmut Lang, she's who we are turning to for inspiration. Welcome to Alexis' Universe.



Jeans vintage Guess Jeans & Agolde

T-shirt Nu Swim, LaCausa, Gil Rodriguez or one of my old vintage concert tees 

Socks Commesi 

Heels Gucci 

Sneakers Nike

Boots Labucq

Sunglasses Feroce, Celine, Vintage 

Watch forever pining over vintage Cartier

Mask You can always find me in one from my collection Joon masks. I've been sewing masks all quarantine and donating the proceeds.

Day bag Cesta or my vintage Gucci canteen

Jewelry Laura Lombardi, Ming Yu Wang, raw pearls I sourced on vacation and strung myself, aura anklet by Colorflow, my father’s gold chain.

Fabric Summer: linen, Fall: velvet, Winter: cashmere, Spring: leather 

Color neutrals 

Workout wear ARQ, girlfriend collective compressions leggings & a sports bra.

Lingerie / underwear Great Eros & Parade

Shop I have not been doing much shopping during the pandemic, but when I am I try to shop vintage, small businesses or shop my closet to wear items in new ways. The Break, Peche, smallneeds, Elia Vintage, object limited, CAP Beauty, James Veloria, Ebay & Etsy.

Swimwear Nu Swim, Matteau

Style Icon Cher, Ali Macgraw, Caorlyn Bessette, 90s Penelope Cruz, 70s Googoosh


Astrological sign Taurus sun, Libra moon, Scorpio rising.

Workout mix of pilates, yoga, boxing, long walks and stretching.

Studio/teacher Melissa Wood Health

Experts in your corner Frank Vogt, Dr Joseph Giacona at neighborhood natural medicine, my mother. I lean towards Eastern medicine; my body responds best to it.

Morning rituals I like to start my mornings with a workout and meditation. It's important for my mind and body to get these in early, even if it's brief. In the AM I wash my face with Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02, I like to massage it into my face and leave it on while I brush my teeth. With my vitamins, I try to drink 1 liter of water. I love MOOD & NOOTRO-FOCUS & Sakara Life Rx: Foundation. Then I have my espresso and begin my day. 

Evening rituals I’ve had a hard time sleeping in the past, so calming evening rituals have become a priority. I start by double cleansing my skin with Biologique Recherche Eau Micellaire Biosensible and Lait VIP 02 then dab a little of their P50. If I'm masking, which I don't do every night, I use Biologique Recherche Vivant mixed with their Mask VIP02 and a dash of baking soda, or LESSE bioactive masque. Once a week I use ZIIP.  Then I use the crown affair brush and hair oil, then sweep it all back in their silk scrunchie. I always pour a large glass of water & magnesium, I love CALM, & set my Vitruvi diffuser with lavender essential oils. If by this time I am not asleep I take a few drops of “herb pharm” Relaxing sleep and listen to a guided meditation.

Astrologist Nadinejane astrology 

Shower or bath bath

Extrovert or introvert both

DIY Mask recipe Growing up my mother would create little at home spa days with my sister and I. She always had a way of making these days feel so special and rejuvenating. She taught me everything I know about beauty and self care. She would make a lavender & eucalyptus steam for our faces and then a mask made of avocado and honey and place sliced cucumber or cooled tea bags to our eyes. 

Stress management techniques Breathwork, meditation, slowly drinking a glass of water, phoning a friend, exercise, writing, crying, acupuncture & energy work. 

Get out of jail call my sister 


Tea or tonic drink I love a beverage, you can usually find me with 2-3 beverages at all times. I have a few go tos. Masha Teas skin tea & honey, Golde turmeric & oatmilk, Eboost over ice, spirulina with apple cider vinegar, lemon, water and honey for a summer cleansing lemonade.  

Wellness idol Shiva Rose 

Salty or sweet both 

What’s always in your fridge Filtered water, fresh herbs, clementines, farm fresh eggs, my vitamins and serums

What’s always in your pantry Olive oil, Tart Vinegar, Himalayan salt, turmeric, dried seaweed, garlic cloves, teas, rosewater and avocados.

Go-to dinner recipe I cook by feel and taste and rarely use a recipe. My whole family cooked together growing up and I became confident in the kitchen at a very young age. During the week I love to freestyle with what I have in my fridge. My father and I shared this technique. Some of the best meals I have made came together this way. My latest go to dinner recipe has been slow roasted cauliflower, topped with a cucumber dill coconut yogurt and fresh pomegranate pearls served with an herby salad.

Go-to dinner party recipe Persian food is a favorite dinner party go-to. A large Tahdig, Ghormeh Sabzi, a big board of herbs, lavash, cucumbers, walnuts, radishes and feta. I miss entertaining. 

Snack raw nuts, roasted seaweed, clementines

Drink a natural pet-nat or mezcal on the rocks, if I'm not drinking then my go-to is Ghia.

Grocery store farmer's market 

Cookbook Food of Life: Ancient Persian Cuisine 


Toothpaste VICCO ayurvedic or Dr Bronner's

Soap Necessaire Eucalyptus body, Hermes bar soap

Lip F. Miller or LANEIGE lip mask 

Perfume or Cologne Sigil Scent Anima Mundi or Byredo

Serum IS Clinical active serum, Ubeauty, LESSE ritual serum

Mask Biologique Recherche Vivant mixed with their Mask VIP02 and a dash of baking soda or LESSE bioactive masque

Beauty tool ZIIP

Makeup My makeup is minimal, especially during this time. My go-tos have been: EltaMD Tinted sunblock, Surratt Expressioniste brow pomade, Chanel rouge allure liquid powder on my lips, tops of cheeks and nose bridge. 


Home Brooklyn, New York 

Artists Brancusi, Le Corbusier, Isamu Noguchi, Valentine Schlegel, Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Ellsworth Kelly,  Ettore Sottsass, Henri Matisse, Georgia O'Keefe, Helen Frankenthaler

Piece of art in your home A painting by my grandmother

Museum Noguchi Museum, MOMA, The Met, Morgan Library. Pre-covid, weekly museum dates were a tradition for us, in and out of New York. 

Pets two twin black cats, our bears 

Sheets White cotton sheets, silk pillowcases 

Local restaurant Cafe Paulette, Miss Ada, Bar Laika

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town Bittersweet 

Pottery Sourced on trips to Japan and Mexico city 

Favorite piece of furniture floor to ceiling bookshelf wall built by my fiancé and our Barcelona chairs 

Furniture store or designer constantly hunting vintage furniture finds for myself and friends

Minimalist or maximalist minimalist 

Hotel Ryokan in Koya-san 

Dream dinner party guests my Great-Grandmother who I never met 

Most used kitchen gadget water filter  

What do you collect Home accessories from around the world. I've been known to hand carry fragile items onto the plane or pad them throughout our suitcases.


Inspiration being in nature, reading, meditation, traveling, music, museums, painting, cooking. I source a lot of inspiration from my family history as well; from Iran, Paris, New York and LA. I love looking through their old photographs. I'm inspired by individuals who transcend their industries with their talent, taste & vision. Rudolf Nureyev, Grace Jones, Azzedine Alaia, Isamu Noguchi to name a few.

Quote Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along - Rumi 

Crush Tim, my fiancé. 

Beach Jamesport 

Charity I've been donating proceeds from my masks sales each month to a new foundation, so far NYhealth and hospitals, NAACP and

Favorite place in the world home 

Films I recently rewatched Cape Fear, The Shining & Hausu, we have been on a horror/crime kick. 

Favorite albums Currently on rotation: Darondo_Let my people go, The Isley Brothers_Givin’ it Back, Yo la Tengo_and then nothing turned itself inside out, Lou Reed_Transformer, Kiki Gyan_24 hours in a disco, Isaac Hayes_Tough Guys , William Onyeabor_Who is William Onyeabor, Clarence Carter_Snatching it back. 

Books about to break into "Owning Your Own Shadow" by Robert A Johnson. Eager to join a summer book club. 

Photography or coffee table book Currently on the table: Erotica and Avedon

Who would you want to be for a day My Father

Inner age depends on the day

Song in your head at the moment Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung 

Magazine: Puss Puss, Unconditional, Office


Apps Insight timer, Backgammon

Phone Iphone 

Phone case Black 

Website Joon masks

Podcast The Daily, False Walls, Fresh Air, A2, This American Life

Favorite gadget I just purchased a package scale to ship mask orders from my home, very excited about this.

Favorite Instagrams currently saving @nightopenings@michaelbargo, @fridacashflow@palomija@sophiebuhai, @neadajane

News source NYT, Guardian, Time, WSJ

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