Behind LYMA with Lucy Goff


After a chance encounter with an authority on preventative degenerative diseases that led her to heal her own body, Lucy Goff felt it was important to extend her hard-won learnings with the world. Through her company, LYMA, Lucy shares evidence-based, scientifically proven products that work, making waves in the supplement and skincare industry and changing the narrative around what’s possible when it comes to feeling and looking our best. Today, she is answering all our questions about LYMA’s revolutionary supplement, expertly designed laser device and also the non-negotiable routines and practices she relies on daily to optimize her health.

What health routines do you practice consistently?


I have a few non-negotiables when it comes to health routines, starting with drinking a litre of hot water and lemon every day. That’s before I do anything else like check my emails. Shower, workout, hydrating must come first. That’s also when I take my LYMA Supplement and how I start every day. 


My golden rule for eating is that I don’t eat anything with an ingredient in it that I wouldn’t have in my kitchen cupboards. It keeps my nutrition on track and well away from processed foods. 


I found I can’t meditate in silence, so I make my daily meditation multipurpose and do it in the shower whilst wearing the LYMA Oxygen Glide. It's supercharged with oxygen and formulated in a way that means the skin can fully absorb it as well as simultaneously pulling in moisture from the atmosphere. Wellbeing and beauty are so interconnected and I just see this practice as facilitating that a bit more. Wear it in the shower for 10-minutes and you will look like you’ve had an oxygen facial and feel amazing.


Finally, no tech after 8pm (phone / laptop / iPad)… the only tech I use before bed is the LYMA Laser. I wasn't genetically blessed with great skin, so my night-time skincare routine is incredibly important to me. I use the Laser for 30-minutes while reading, followed by the LYMA Skincare. I’ve read so many studies that say daily routine touches our immunity, sleep, skin and long-term health, so it’s worth being dedicated.



Can you share a bit more about your personal story of healinghow you regained your health, and how that led to the creation of LYMA?


At a guess, I’d say my introduction to motherhood was different to most people. After an emergency C-Section, I wasn't consumed with maternal bliss, I was left facing a life-threatening health battle after catching septicaemia. Six-weeks later, from a medical standpoint I was termed ‘better’, only that was so far from the truth. My body was riddled with toxins, I could barely function, I struggled to get out of bed, nevermind working or looking after my new baby. 


My mum saved the day by suggesting we go on a retreat, and it was there I had a chance meeting with Professor Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease. I told him everything that had happened to me, and he was confident he could resolve it all - do what every doctor couldn’t. It blew my mind when he explained that 90% of supplements sold today deliver no proven benefits yet are still perfectly legal for sale. That’s your fish oils, multivitamins, turmeric - everything we all put so much trust in, there’s zip all proof. Don’t you feel like everyone on the planet should know that?!


Anyway, Paul was such a fascinating and intellectual man that I trusted him to prescribe me a new protocol using this whole other category of ‘evidence-based’ ingredients. These are peer-reviewed, patented ingredients, each dosed at active levels and formulated in a way that the body can actually absorb them. I took them all and within a matter of weeks, I felt myself again. Within months I felt better than ever. By not accepting feeling weak and searching for a better answer, that first prescription became the basis of the LYMA Supplement today. 







How does the LYMA laser compare to other devices on the market? How does near infrared light work on a cellular level? And how does this specific frequency of light reduce signs of aging, acne and inflammation?


It doesn’t compare. No other brand on the market has managed to harness this technology. That might sound superlative, but I assure you it’s factually correct. The laser light in the LYMA Laser is not a cosmetic laser, it’s a 500mW laser that previously has only been safe to use by trained professionals in controlled environments. What LYMA has done is engineer a light dispersion model using internal lenses whereby the intensity and power of the laser beam stays the same, but all the heat is removed. The LYMA Laser delivers monochromatic, coherent and continuous light over a sustained period, without causing any damage to the skin cells whatsoever. It’s a world class achievement by our global science team. 


LED is not the same and does not present any lasting change to skin. This is simply because LED cannot pass through multiple layers of skin to reach the cells it needs to trigger change. 

With regards to creating change at a cellular level, the frequency of the LYMA Laser beam switches off the negative skin cells that produce nitric oxide associated with degeneration and instead, allows them to counteract and create oxygen again. Through this biological process you see the fading of pigmentation, reduction of redness and calming of inflammation. The LYMA Laser doesn’t just improve your skin but transforms it - it’s like being able to see a dermatologist daily without the fee, for an entire decade.






Do you recommend people only use the LYMA laser if they are over a certain age or dealing with specific skin issues, or can all skin types and all ages benefit?


Oh no! If you’re twenty or seventy, no matter your skin tone or sex, if you’ve got skin problems to solve, the LYMA Laser can work for you. By reawakening the regenerative power of cells, it enables skin to rejuvenate itself. That means it can tackle specific concerns such as scars, thread veins, pigmentation, uneven texture and if you're losing collagen, it can get your skin acting years younger than your age. That’s the beauty of the device, it’s completely safe, versatile and designed to work around whatever life throws at you. Everyone can achieve the skin they want.





Why did you land on the more targeted laser design of the LYMA device, as opposed to a mask type design?


Light masks are great for social media hype, but we were focused on the best way to harness the low-level laser technology. This isn’t just putting LED bulbs in a mask, it’s taking medical grade laser technology and packaging it in a way that is completely functional, and most importantly safe. I was also intent on ensuring the Laser would fit in and around our customer’s busy lifestyles, whether they’re watching TV, traveling the globe, or even on their morning commute. We didn’t want to limit when, where or how often they could use their Laser. Also, the hand-held design lends itself to be used anywhere on the body: neck, arms, legs, backs of hands, there’s nowhere on the body you can’t use it.






How do you feel the LYMA Laser is changing the future of skincare?


We’re setting a standard that other brands are now forced to step up to the plate and match. LYMA has changed what was previously thought possible in terms of intuitive skin sculpting, pigmentation fading, wrinkle reversal, all with no damage to skin or downtime, and are fully transparent with the results. I love having facials and I adore using skincare but I’m doing it to see a difference in the mirror and I want that to be long-term. The future of skincare is science - products with solid evidence to back them up and results consumers can see. 


We can already see skincare is getting ever smarter and streamlined. The age of multiple skincare steps is thankfully over, we’ve all confused our skin enough! Now the industry is advancing towards results-based skincare that tackles multiple skin concerns without irritating or damaging our skin’s precious barrier. Who wouldn’t lean into that with open arms?







Why was sourcing the right strains and strengths of the ingredients found within the LYMA supplement so important for you and your team? What is the significance of each ingredient, and do they work together synergistically? 


Just as with medicine, dosage is vital. A myriad of different supplements are out there shouting about having incredible ingredients but including them at a nominal dose. I get it, premium ingredients are death to your profit margins but otherwise it’s little more than factory floor dust. LYMA only doses at the clinically proven level to create a health benefit. We also only use actives which stand up in peer-reviewed clinical and preclinical studies. This is because the most miraculous of organic ingredients can still have huge issues surviving the human digestive system or getting into the bloodstream. By bioengineering our ingredients, we can ensure they are of nutritional value to the body. Many complex formulas look impressive on the packet but end up cancelling each other out, LYMA’s formula has been tested even further to ensure all the ingredients work together and perform optimally. 





How is the LYMA supplement specifically helpful for women that are perimenopausal or postmenopausal?


The LYMA Supplement was created for everyone, not as a menopause supplement per se but so many of the benefits effectively address menopausal symptoms. No two journeys are the same, and symptoms can span from night sweats and joint pain to insomnia, low mood and anxiety. I think because the Supplement touches every element of physical and mental health, it addresses all of those intermittent symptoms too. KSM-66® Ashwagandha supports sleep, Vita-algae D3™ and K2 VITAL® improve bone health, mood and metabolism, and Cognizin® nourishes brain health and improves focus. By strengthening the entire ecosystem of the body with one gold-standard supplement, you inadvertently mitigate the countless symptoms of menopause too.





What was your goal in creating the LYMA supplement? Was it to increase overall health, or was there something more specific you wanted to target?


At first it was selfish, I’ll admit it took a while to find my true purpose behind LYMA! I genuinely didn’t set out to start a wellness brand, I was taking care of myself for my baby but once I’d started on that path, there was no turning back. Then I took on this one-woman mission to debunk all the false claims in the supplement industry and to hold brands accountable of what they’re putting into their capsules. Later, I started to focus on breaking barriers; challenging the narrative of ‘it's too expensive to formulate’ or ‘you can’t fit all those ingredients into one capsule’ ‘how will you hit those levels of bioavailability?’ etc. When I’m being told outright that I can’t do something, that’s when I go full force and do it. Then when the supplement finally launched and real people started emailing me to say they were hooked on LYMA, that it made them sharper, happier, mentally stronger, less anxious, enjoying their lives more?! Wow, that’s when I got the true motivation to improve people’s lives.





When taking the LYMA supplement, do you notice immediate benefits, or does it gently improve our health overtime? How do the 10 ingredients in the LYMA supplement target anxiety, sleep and feeling and looking our best?


Depending on where you’re coming from - your current health status - it varies. The ingredients are proven to kick in at different rates and of course, you can't feel your organs being nourished, can you? Technically speaking, curcuminoids hit the system within the first 24-hours, so that’s the anti-inflammatory HydroCurc®  up-regulating the immune response of white blood cells, supporting your immune system and metabolic brain improvements. But like I said, the reality is you don’t feel that happening. 


Sleep improvement tends to be the first thing our customers tell us they notice. Probably because sleep is so precious and actively tracked, when you start sleeping better and waking brighter, you clock it. Then follows a run of good skin days, hair breaking less, nails stronger - that’s the Solubilised Keratin, Cynatine® HNS working. Affron® is pretty noticeable too - an overall feeling of calmness and capability, having more bandwidth for BS, rather than losing your mind at the smallest thing. Six months goes by and suddenly you realize you can’t remember the last time you got sick. I can only speak to LYMA, but it’s a gradual journey to becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally, the best version of yourself.


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