The Power of Plums


Born into a family of plum farmers, the three sisters, Alison, Elaine and Jacqueline, set out to modernize and share the powers of the humble plum. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, this fruit is the foundation for both their Plum Beauty Oil and Plumscreen. Both offerings are true testaments to this often overlooked fruit and have quickly become favorites on our shelves, offering up  glow, nourishment and protection. Today, the sisters uphold a commitment to sustainability and carrying on the legacy of their family farm with a new vision, one where tradition meets innovation. Potent plum power.

When did your passion for natural wellness begin?

Allison: Growing up on an organic farm, my sisters and I have always been passionate about health and wellness. Our family had a large garden behind our childhood home as well as one at the ranch, so we were raised with a deep appreciation for fresh foods, clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, these healthy habits carried over seamlessly into our adult lives.


What drew you into creating your own line of products?

Jacqueline: I struggled a lot with teenage acne and breakouts. It's what prompted me to take an interest in skincare at an early age. Since I was only able to use products that were non-comedogenic and gentle to the skin, I became really knowledgeable about different skincare ingredients.

In creating Le Prunier, we knew collectively we wanted to revamp the image of the dried plum to the American market. We also wanted to work together as sisters. These intentions became our north star in creating and launching Le Prunier as a brand!


How has your love of nature inspired you to create Le Prunier?

Elaine: We were raised on a farm and surrounded by a community based in agriculture. We grew up with many pets and farm animals including horses, sheep and goats. This cultivated a deep appreciation in my sisters and I for Mother Nature. The vision for our brand and products has always been centered around this love for nature, and we continue to draw inspiration from it.


Why is the plum so revered in West Asia and not yet here in the States?

Elaine: In the U.S., dried plums have traditionally been marketed as a digestion aid — cue the image of your grandparents incorporating them into their breakfast oatmeal. However, there’s so much more to these antioxidant rich and nutritionally dense fruits that most people don't realize. Asia recognized these benefits long ago. Through our marketing and educational efforts, we’re already seeing views shift in the U.S. which is really exciting.


Why was having the research and science behind your products so important to the vision of Le Prunier?

Jacqueline: As a family brand, not only is it important we love each and every product we launch, but it’s equally important they are highly efficacious.

Prior to launching a new product, we make sure they have undergone a large clinical study, are safe for the entire family to use and multi-purpose. Also, since we each struggle with different skin concerns - Eczema, Rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis and Adult Acne -we recognized the importance of creating products that are suitable and universal for all ages and skin types.


How did plums unlock the secret to the best sunscreen we’ve ever tried?

Jacqueline: Dried plums contain one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable, even more so than kale, spinach and blueberries. We had a hunch that the dried plum byproducts from our family farm would contain immense potent benefits. After 5 years of intensive research and development, we confirmed our suspicion!

We created a unique blend of up-cycled plum ingredients into a Plum Superfruit Complex®, which delivers broad-spectrum sunscreen and blue light protection. The beauty about this exclusive leading active ingredient in our Plumscreen, is that it also protects collagen and elastin from UV damage and reduces free radicals that damage DNA. Plumscreen SPF 31 is unique in that it protects our skin from the sun while also providing powerful skincare benefits.


A single ingredient face oil is a bold move. In the formulation of the Plum Beauty Oil, how did you decide that less is really more?

Jacqueline: A product need not be complicated — it just needs to be highly effective, backed by science, good for your body and good for the environment. Which can sometimes be really simple! Our Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil is exactly that, a single ingredient powerhouse sourced from our 104 year-old California plum orchard. It has a lovely all-natural marzipan aroma which keeps skin supple year round. It is full of antioxidants, gentle for the most sensitive of skin and 100% USDA and CCOF certified organic. It truly is Mother Nature’s treat for the skin.  


How has your beauty routine changed after becoming so knowledgeable about skincare?

Elaine: I now turn to clean beauty products and carefully read labels before purchasing any skincare items, especially with my sensitive skin. Once you become more informed on a matter, it’s hard to see things the same way. The more I've learned about clean skincare, the more I've wanted to share my passion and knowledge with family and friends!


What transformations have you seen in your own skin since using Le Prunier?

Allison: We all collectively agree our skin is the best ever thanks to our Plum Beauty Oil. It’s glowy, hydrated and feels so healthy. I think the biggest misconception is that if you have oily or acne prone skin, you should not use oils. On the contrary, Plum Beauty Oil has worked wonders for balancing all of our different skin types and preventing any breakouts, eczema or dermatitis flare ups. 


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