Inside with: Ally and Casey of Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee, co-founded by Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz, is on a mission to share the beauty and ritual of preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Their respect for the beans, the growers and the imbibers, along with their deep curiosity about coffee culture and beyond, consistently inspires us. Come along and find out what they're up to, the new projects they are working on and the practices they are turning to these days. Consider it the ultimate coffee klatsch.

We’ve asked you this before, but so much has changed in the last year. What does a day in your life look like these days?

I start every day by lighting some of my Bodha incense and making a pour over with Canyon Coffee. I've really been enjoying our current Ethiopian coffee, Worka Chelbesa, lately. My days look different based on what’s on the agenda. Some days I work from my home office, other days I go to our Canyon office for meetings with the team or to work together on projects, twice a week I help with our local deliveries around Southern California. I regularly schedule shoots for our products and Morning Rituals journal features, and these usually take place outside or at people’s homes. Some days it can be a modeling shoot too. I like to get home early evening to get in a yoga class or walk, and then end the day with any last emails or tasks needing my attention before making dinner!Canyon coffee

What are you doing to keep yourself well? 

Yoga, daily walks around my neighborhood to the parks, elderberry syrup made by my friend Courtney, drinking lots of water, and making time to relax with a book on the couch.

What are you cooking?

We’ve been living on this soba noodle dish! We make it once a week. It’s soba with roasted kale chips, roasted carrots, and a sauce made of olive oil, tahini, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, lime and red chili pepper. We’ve also been grilling salmon and veggies a lot with a curry spice our friend Emily gave us. Lots of Pesto lately and chimichuri sauce.  I’ve been loving using Marjory Sweet’s cookbook Farm Lunch! 

 What are you reading?

I feel like I’m always reading three books at a time, with more queued up on my shelf! I just finished The Great Believers—hand’s down my favorite book this year. I also really, really enjoyed Vanishing Half. I just picked up the new Elena Ferrante book, The Lying Life of Adults, that I’m very excited to read. 

What are you watching? 

We just watched Frida last night for the first time! I loved it. We've also been watching Babylon Berlin and I May Destroy You. Looking forward to new episodes of John Oliver and The Vow.  

What are you listening to?

We’ve been making Canyon Coffee playlists on Spotify built from music we’ve been finding and enjoying, as well as guest playlists from friends of ours! We listened to Billionaire Wilderness on audio during our road trip across the American West, which is a case study on Teton County, Wyoming: now the richest county in the United States! I’ve also enjoyed the podcast Hope Through History, and I listen to Democracy Now! and The Daily regularly. Also the new Fiona Apple record has been on repeat since it came out a couple months ago!

What else are you loving right now?

We just had the nicest time seeing my family on the East Coast, and while we were out there we spent some time in Mystic, CT with the chef James Wayman, helping him set up the coffee program for a bakery and pizza shop they are opening there. The world they’ve built in their community through food and local, interdependent supply chains is so inspiring, and all of the meals we had at the restaurants and farm were so delicious! That is one of several projects I’m also just feeling very excited about with Canyon Coffee.

Canyon Coffee

Any tips for quarantining with your partner?

We learned the importance of enabling each other to take alone time, and that’s more important than ever with the increasingly limited opportunities to get out of the house! 

What have you revisited during this time?

My love of the East Coast!

Any exciting new projects you are working on?

Yes! New exciting coffees, including a carbonic maceration processed coffee, Canyon’s first natural-processed coffees, and our first Gesha variety (from Chiapas!).  A new Canyon Instant grown entirely by women farmers in Colombia. And a sweater dyed with our organic Beachwood coffee made entirely in Los Angeles with organic cotton. 

What are you looking forward to?

The end of this pandemic? Biden winning in November? And a trip to Mexico with friends in October!

How do you end the day?

I like to relax on the couch with my book, and maybe have a glass of wine before making dinner. 

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  • Loved everything about this — inspirational and approachable in just the right measure. will definitely be trying that soba recipe (that dressing! would love an actual RECIPE with amounts…). Thanks for a nice Friday afternoon read :)


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