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In researching why some Navy dolphins aged faster than others, Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson, a veterinary epidemiologist, discovered C15:0 (pronounced see-fifteen), a new fatty acid molecule vital for optimal health and longevity. Partnering with her physician husband, Eric, Stephanie set out to develop the world's first—and only— single ingredient, science-backed C15:0 supplement on the market. Enter fatty15. This powerful white capsule supports our body in both the short and long term, and its founders are on a mission to spread the word, reducing population-wide deficiencies. Read on for a deep dive into this potent essential. Introduce the potency of heathy fats into your life, and discover where the natural world meets science to great effect.


Could you share a bit more about how fatty15 began?


Sure! Fatty15 began from a surprising discovery made while helping aging Navy dolphins. As a veterinary epidemiologist, I was trying to understand why some Navy dolphins aged faster than others, and found that the healthiest aging dolphins had the highest C15:0 in their diets. Since that initial discovery nearly 10 years ago, C15:0 (aka pentadecanoic acid) has been recognized as the first essential fatty acid to be discovered since omega-3, which was over 90 years ago. My Navy physician husband, Eric, and I developed fatty15 to be a pure, high quality, and science backed C15:0 supplement to support our long-term health and wellness.




“Save the dolphins, save the world.” What does this mean to you?


We are big believers in One Health, which is the understanding that all life is intricately connected. By applying an advanced technology called metabolomics to help dolphins, we discovered hundreds of molecules that are not only helping them live longer and healthier lives, but are helping us too. Starting with the discovery of C15:0 and its potential to restore global health.




What is C15:0 and why is it so exciting?


C15:0 (pronounced see-fifteen) is a healthy, odd-chain saturated fatty acid. While C15:0 has been known since the 1950s, only recently was it discovered to be an active, good fat that our bodies need—but can’t make—in order to maintain our baseline health. This is the definition of an essential fatty acid. Excitingly, C15:0 is the first essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years. Holding true to its new title, over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications have shown how nature made the perfect healthy aging nutrient. The mounting science on C15:0 can be found at




What is your stance on fat? Is it all good? All bad?


Not all fats are created equal. Some fats, like trans-fatty acids and even-chain saturated fats, like C16:0, continue to be associated with a pro-inflammatory state and increased risks of developing chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. We now know that good odd-chain saturated fats, especially C15:0, have the opposite effect - including lowering inflammation and associations with lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 




What have you learned about saturated fat from studying C15:0, and what are those implications?


We have learned that odd-chain saturated fats, especially C15:0, are not only good for us, but essential to maintaining our long-term health and wellness. While we have long been told to decrease our intake of all dietary saturated fats, there is a need to better define which saturated fats may need to be minimized (like, C16:0) and which are essential to our health (aka C15:0).




How does fatty15 help slow the aging process?


Well, we age because our cells do. By reversing aging at the cellular level, fatty15 provides tangible benefits that help us live longer and healthier. Peer-reviewed and published scientific studies have shown that fatty15, containing > 99.5% pure C15:0, targets important aging processes, called ‘hallmarks of aging’. Specifically fatty15 has been shown to:


 1. Improve cellular stability by 80%, which makes our cells more resilient against age-related breakdown.


2. Repair mitochondrial function by 45%, which provides our cells with the energy they need to stay young and functioning.


3. Boost cellular signaling by activating longevity-supporting pathways and receptors, such as AMPK and PPARs, that help to keep our metabolism and immune systems balanced.


With those restored, healthy cells, fatty15 has been shown to directly support metabolic, immune, heart and liver health in relevant models, further backed by numerous studies showing that people with higher C15:0 levels have better metabolic, immune, heart and liver health. Some studies have linked higher C15:0 levels to longer life.




How do you see fatty15 playing a role in global health?


Due to the emergence of C15:0 as an essential fatty acid, paired with populationwide declining C15:0 levels caused by fewer dietary C15:0 sources and advancing age, there is a need to replenish and maintain our C15:0 levels to support our long-term health. Our leading hypothesis is that nutritional C15:0 deficiencies may be driving the global rise in chronic health conditions, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (also called NAFLD), especially among younger people. This is where fatty15 comes in - to provide a pure, sustainable, stable and science-backed C15:0 ingredient to help restore global health.




Did we used to get enough C15:0 naturally in our diets, when did this start declining?


Our C15:0 needs at birth used to be met from mother’s milk. After that, we got enough natural C15:0 from whole fat dairy products. 


A few important changes, however, have happened since the late 1970s that have impacted dietary C15:0 availability.


Since the late 1970s, people have moved away from whole fat dairy to low or nonfat dairy products, resulting in low to no dietary C15:0 intake. This issue has been exacerbated by plant-based milks, which contain no C15:0.


Even with whole fat dairy products, what cows eat influences how much C15:0 is in their milk. Cows fed corn-based and some types of grass-fed diets result in lower C15:0 in their milk.


As we get older, our C15:0 levels naturally decline. The rise in older populations has resulted in larger groups of people who have lower C15:0 levels.


When moms have low C15:0, so does their milk, which translates to low C15:0 body levels for their babies from birth.




Where can we find C15:0 naturally in foods? Do you recommend we try to get some from our diet?


Due to the changes above, it is getting harder to find C15:0 naturally in foods. Perhaps just as importantly, whole fat dairy products contain much higher levels of pro-inflammatory even-chain saturated fatty acids (aka C16:0), which continue to be associated with higher risks of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This is why we developed fatty15 - to provide a pure, good, essential and science backed C15:0 fat, without the bad fats.




What’s the difference between omega-3s and C15:0?


While omega-3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids (or PUFAs) that are oils, C15:0 is an odd-chain saturated fatty acid that is a stable powder. Oils are inherently susceptible to oxidation, which is why omega-3 fish oil supplements often go rancid - in your bottle and your cells. In a peer-reviewed study conducted by an independent third party, clinically relevant benefits of the purest, highest performing omega-3 (EPA) were compared to the pure C15:0 ingredient in fatty15. The result? C15:0 had 3 times more cellular-repairing benefits compared to omega-3, repaired a broader number of cell types, and was safer to our cells. Given this and other studies, C15:0 is emerging as the essential, essential fatty acid. A deep dive of this study can be found here.




How do you recommend incorporating fatty15 into your day? Is there any diet or lifestyle advice you also recommend?


Because fatty15 involves just one tiny pill a day, it is super easy to incorporate into your day. When surveyed at 6 weeks and 4 months, 98% of fatty15 customers report that fatty15 has become part of their daily routine. Most people enjoy fatty15’s benefits by taking it in the morning, though others have found that fatty15 works best for them in the evening. We always recommend pairing fatty15 with a well-balanced diet, a mix of aerobic and resistance training exercises, and a good night’s sleep. Given fatty15’s ability to help reduce snacking, improve energy, and deepen sleep, many customers find that fatty15 helps them do just that.




What results can we expect to see in 3-4 months of consistent use?


The pure C15:0 ingredient in fatty15 helps to activate key receptors, including PPARɑ/δ, that regulate your metabolism, immunity, mood, appetite and sleep. This is why 3 out of 4 people report experiencing less snacking, calmer mood or deeper sleep within 4 months of consistent fatty15 use. During this time, fatty15’s immune calming activities have resulted in customers reporting better joint comfort and calmer, less red skin.




What can we expect in 1 year of use?


In the first year of use, fatty15 is working hard at the cellular level to repair and restore your long-term health and wellness, including your metabolic, heart, immune and liver health. This is when clinically relevant benefits may be seen from blood labs taken during routine check-ins with your doctor. Additionally, some people experience fatty15’s mitochondrial repairing activities in their skin and hair follicles, resulting in smoother skin and thicker, healthier hair.




What can we expect in 2-3 years of use?


After 2 to 3 years, fatty15 is done repairing and is now working on maintaining your long-term health and wellness as you age. By continually reversing aging at the cellular level, your aging rate is slowed and your metabolic, heart, liver, and immune health are balanced, enabling your body to stay young, resilient and healthier, longer.




What can we expect when we’re significantly older?


Some of our most enthusiastic customers are 70 years and older! Since our C15:0 levels naturally decline as we age, replenishing those C15:0 levels with fatty15 can result in benefits that people—especially our older customers—can feel. These benefits can include higher quality sleep, better energy throughout the day, improved joint comfort, and improved blood labs during routine physical checkups.




Is there anything else we should know about fatty15 and C15:0?


Well, it is not often that a new company, right out of the gate, is given the gift to meaningfully improve global health. It has been incredible to be part of the mounting science, coming from diverse teams throughout the world, on C15:0’s many health benefits. And how fixing population-wide nutritional C15:0 deficiencies may help get our world back to healthy.



Responses from fatty15 co-founder, Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson.


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