Defining Rituals: Neada Deters

Neada Deters, founder of our favorite “less is more” skincare brand, LESSE, sees rituals as a way of connecting deeper to herself: physically, mentally and spiritually. She relies on them daily: to bring more awareness to the present moment, slow down her thoughts and feel calm and uplifted. Today she shares why rituals are at the foundation of everything she does, how she sees skincare and ritual as one and even offers up an exercise to try. Rituals are powerful, transformational practices, let Neada guide you towards yours.

How do you define a ritual?

A ritual is a constant practice exercised with intention and care, to serve both our cerebral and tangible selves. In my life, these are the grounding and uplifting practices that provide a breath to come back to myself. A coffee in the morning, a walk, my skin care ritual morning and night.



How do you create a ritual?

Find the regular practices that feel like a break away from the noise of the world, which make you feel like your most grounded self, which give you clarity of mind. These are the rituals that already exist in your life. It's all about finding what feels good, slowing down and focusing on self-reflection and self-connection. You can apply it to anything in life.



How do rituals impact your daily life?

They are a refuge in the chaos, and keep my world free of comparison.



Are your rituals habitual or do you change them often? 

I think as with most people, mine are a bit of both. There are some rituals in my life that I practice daily and year-round, such as my skin care or morning coffee; there are others that are more seasonal. I am forever creating space to try new rituals or evolve the ones I already have. 


What specific elements are necessary to build a ritual for you? 

There is no recipe for a ritual. It is all about taking simple, thoughtful and easily repeatable actions that feel good. 


Could you share a ritual you practice in partnership? 

There are rituals we can share with others, but I find the most transformative ones are those practiced alone, and focused on coming back to yourself in a world saturated by noise. 


Do you set intentions for your rituals, why or why not?

I usually let whatever comes up, come up — whether that's an emotion or a new idea or just process thoughts that require a safe and quiet space in my day.



How do you see the concepts of rituals and skincare going together?

The practice of skin care is so intimate. A few moments alone, when it's just you with your own, most unmasked version of yourself. First thing in the morning or perhaps after a long day. It is an expression of self care and tenderness, a break away from the noise of the world. If you can take your time in this practice, it inevitably becomes a ritual. 


Did the idea of rituals impact your skincare brand LESSE? If so, how?

The idea of rituals is the foundation of all that we do, from the way we think about beauty as a company to the kind of formulations we develop. We have two founding philosophies; the first is less is more, which is self-evident in the company name "LESSE". The second is ritual, not routine.

This is our new way of thinking about skin care: shifting away from the harsh self-criticism of a skin care "routine" in favor of a grounding and uplifting ritual, which is a practice for oneself beyond any external judgment or comparison.


Could you share your skincare ritual?

I start by cleansing my face with our Refining Cleanser, working my way upwards from the chest to forehead and being sure to glide the formula over skin gently. After towel drying, I take our Bioactive Mask, which I love to keep in the fridge, and apply a generous amount to my face, neck and décolletage. It is an incredibly clarifying, hydrating and replenishing blend of active botanicals—so I let that sit for about 20 minutes to take effect. Then I gently wipe off with a damp face towel.

I then spray on our Regeneration Mist and, while my skin is still damp, take 4 - 5 drops of the Ritual Serum in my palms. I then press it into my skin lightly before taking a gua sha tool and gently massage in the serum while sculpting and stimulating my face. I finish by taking the Soothing Lip Balm and applying it to my lips and then use it to brush back my brows.


What are you calling in with rituals these days?

I'm always calling in appreciation for myself, for others, for beauty in the world.


What are you releasing?

Comparison and judgment.


Could you share a ritual for us to try?

As soon as you wake up, before you look at a screen, go outside or open a window and look in the direction of the sun for five minutes. This can’t be done through a window, it has to be done in the fresh air. 

This simple morning ritual is not only a boundary around technology and how this dictates our waking life, but, according to neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, this sun exposure first thing is essential for optimal physical and mental well being. It triggers timed release of cortisol and also wakes the body up, so that we then sleep better when the day ends. Benefits also include improved metabolic function, greater focus, and better mental clarity and stability.



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