Crystals for Spring


These are the stones we keep on hand to balance energies, physically and spiritually. Some will also help to release old patterns and encourage the new growth of spring. An excerpt from our book, High Vibrational Beauty. 

TURQUOISE: This native beauty acts as a buffer and a guide.

CHRYSOCOLLA: This green stone encourages true expression.

CHRYSOPRASE: The stone of Libra, the zodiac master of balance, brings fortune and fertility.

SODALITE: This deep-blue stone rules communication and logic.

EMERALD: Brilliant and green, emeralds are the stone of love and domestic bliss.

JADE: Receive luck and blessings from this dream stone.

MOONSTONE: This powerful mistress enhances the feminine divine.

MALACHITE: This master of business encourages success and lends its hand in balancing relationships.

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