CAP Cooks: Somen Noodles

These simple, cold noodles are a favorite of Dark Horse Organic chef, Greg Arnold, and are inspired by the ones his Grandfather prepared for him as a child. Relying on just a few pantry staples, you too can have a home cooked Japanese meal on the ready. It's the summer of somen.


1 package somen noodles (can use soba if you can’t find them, a thin noodle.) 


1 ⅛ cup mirin

1 cup tamari

½ cup sake

1 piece kombu

Thumb of ginger

Green onion, sliced

In a pot put the mirin, tamari, sake and kombu and warm over medium heat. Just when it’s about to boil, turn the heat to medium-low and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes. Pull out the kombu and set aside. 


1 cucumber sliced or mandolined

Splash of tamari and rice wine vinegar

Sesame seeds

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