CAP Coconut Milk


The ultimate creamy addition to matcha, tea, coffee, soups and tonics, plant milk is an ingredient you’ll always find in our fridge. And while we sometimes purchase ready-made options, the healthiest and most delicious version is the one we make ourselves. This fool-proof recipe comes together in minutes and utilizes only two ingredients: CAP coconut butter and water, which gets quickly blended up in a high-speed blender and then added to whatever we're making. And since we always have a few jars of coconut butter on hand, fresh coconut milk is never far away. Uplevel your favorite drinks and meals when you make it homemade.

CAP Coconut Milk

Serves 1

By Kerrilynn Pamer


1 cup water

2-3 tablespoons CAP coconut butter



Blend on high until fully emulsified and slightly frothy.



Keep it simple or add-on to to make it yours:


Splash of vanilla extract

1 date, pitted

Ashwagandha, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga or Butterfly Pea Flower



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