Behind Closed Doors: May Lindstrom


It’s no secret that we regard May Lindstrom as natural beauty royalty. So when she agreed to share her abundant fridge with us, we were thrilled. Packed to the brim with beauty foods and organic veggies, we expected nothing less from our favorite model-turned-chef-turned-skincare guru.


“We are enthusiastic subscribers to two different farm box delivery services so we are always overflowing with amazing fresh produce. The variety is fantastic and everything is seasonal so it keeps me on my toes trying to come up with new recipes dependent on what’s in this week’s box.

Our current selection is tons of greens (wild arugula, black dinosaur kale, sweet lettuce), vibrant purple cauliflower, beets, turnips, baby rainbow carrots, cone cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, beautiful little flowering chamomile and dill leaf, strawberries, blueberries, lemons and a bundle of baby potatoes of every color. An abundance of veggies tends to always take up most of the refrigerator and also makes up the bulk of our meals.

You can spy a couple cartons of eggs (fresh from MLS Director of Operations Heidi’s chickens), two quarts of my homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut (so tasty and good for you!), probiotic coconut yogurt (for my darling daughter) and a bottle of breastmilk, organic baked tofu, flax tempeh, Daiya vegan cheese, miso, kimchi… and a pretty vast assortment of sauces, oils, seeds and nuts.

We are a vegetarian family that loves cooking and eating equally – keeping our refrigerator fully stocked at all times ensures that we all stay happy, healthy and radiant!”

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