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Eat the Earth. This is one tenet of Laka Living's manifesto and one made manifest on the shelves of Liz Smithers' fridge. The Kauai based yoga teacher founded Laka Living to create health from higher consciousness, through movement, food and connection. Her plant butters teem with adaptogens, immune support and plant medicines to boost our immunity and keep the life force flowing. Quite frankly, we'd like to move in, but until then, Laka can come home with us.

What is your food philosophy?

My current food philosophy is Aquatarian deluxe: lots of plant fats (tons of coconut, olive oil, and macadamia nuts), seaweeds, leafy greens, vegetables, bubbly staples, tropical fruits growing on my property, some wild fish, tons of adaptogens and dark chocolate. I've landed here after radical experimentation with different ways of eating, but feel strong right now after bringing back some smart seafood and removing grains from my diet. Eating this way keeps me grounded, strong, energized and aroused! I don't necessarily harp on quantity of food (not a big Costco shopper), but rather quality. And that doesn't always mean the most expensive item on the shelf, but more of the proximity of where my food was grown and the energy that was present in its life. All meals are not created equal. I choose foods that fire up function and keep my channel clear. Without a clear channel it's hard to tap into my creative self and maximize my workouts. 

Eating out, eh, not a fan too much. I am super blown away by the simplicity of just eating raw plant foods. I also light it up in the kitchen at home and can really get into my flow state and ignite my inner alchemist! My mornings usually always start with matcha or coffee before I head out to teach my first class. In a perfect world, I would drink two (or three) shots of espresso topped with coconut cream froth every morning but unfortunately for me adrenal burnout gets real, real quick! So I like to alternate a few days of matcha, then a wild day of coffee. Salads are my forever boyfriend. I have a huge salad every night as a salutation to a day complete. It's like a nightly ceremony to the plants. It is all in the sauce, baby. Your salad dressing will save you.


Top Shelf:

Blue Majik. Mustards. Matcha. Custom mushroom blends. Adaptogens I am currently cycling in. Homemade date + fig MSM jam. Botanical blends. (Anima Mundi Mangosteen Hibiscus). Triphala!!!


Middle Shelf: 

Home batch cold brew. Moringa juice from Kauai Juice Co. Various bean-free dips (this week I made a cucumber, pepita and carrot top dip with a little bit of local truffle honey). Wild fish (salmon, sardines). Fresh lychees + bananas from my backyard. Keto pancake mix from Lakanto. Super Shroom Drip is always stocked. Miso paste, always a game changer. 


Bottom Shelf:

Laka protein powders. I tend to torque my biome following any amount of high stress or anxiety, so I stay stocked with a variety of bubbly foods - coconut yogurt and hot sauce and kraut to keep everyone happy. I also love keeping Kombucha on hand to splash into cocktails or add a little tang to salad dressings. La Croix when I just need something carbonated. I really don't drink beer. This is a straggler beer leftover from Cinco De Mayo and I am going to keep it because I forever love Modelo's branding, and it will eventually be consumed by someone. 


Side Door + Bins: 

Olives, capers, herbal teas and tons of raw dark chocolate because... chocolate every day. Grain free baking flours, low glycemic sweeteners, fresh garlic, ginger and turmeric root. Watery produce like cucumber and jicama. Italian or French bottles of red wine. Kelp noodles. Canned coconut cream. 


In My Freezer:

Local grain free tempeh. Capello's almond flour fettuccine. Homemade Sourdough loaf courtesy of my bro-in-law. Frozen berries and avocados. Black sesame matcha discs. Coconut flour tortillas. Mezcal! 


In My Garden:

You don't see any greens in the photo cause I usually just go grab some every night for my salad. Right now I have longevity spinach, kale, chard, lettuces, moringa and mizuna growing! Also some basic herbs like thyme, parsley, cilantro, oregano and mint. 

My ice box is my diesel. 



Roots On Salad

1 bunch of kale, washed, stems removed and torn by hand. Massaged with some olive oil. 

8 whole carrots, roots on and tops clipped just enough 

1 medium zucchini, cut into chunks 

1/2 cup toasted pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup Miso Mint Dressing (recipe below)  

1 inch knob raw ginger, diced super teeny 

Avocado Slices 

Basil, mint, parsley 

Rock Sea Salt for veggies

Toss your carrots and zucchini in some oil of choice and 1 tablespoon rock salt and roast at 350° until super crispy (about 20 minutes). 

Toast your pumpkin seeds in a small pan over medium low heat until golden. 

Toss roasted veggies, seeds, diced ginger, avocado and herbs on top of massaged kale. Drizzle miso dressing over entire bowl. Precede your meal with 1/4 cup your favorite fermented foods! 


Miso Mint Dressing

1 cup avocado oil 

1/3 cup kombucha vinegar 

1 tablespoon miso 

Couple handfuls of fresh mint

1/4 cup Super Shroom Drip 

1 tablespoon honey 

Sea salt, optional. 

Whisk or blend to combine. Adjust seasonings. Enjoy!

Makes about 2 cups.

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