Behind Closed Doors: Canyon Coffee


We fell in love with Canyon Coffee at first sight for its pretty packaging, but after further investigation realized there was much more than meets the eye. The pair behind this high vibrational coffee sources organic and fair trade beans to ensure their coffee is perfectly palatable. Read on to see how they eat, at home and out.

What's your food philosophy? 

“We mostly eat vegetarian at home, with salmon a couple times a week. We try to keep well-stocked on pantry staples (grains, spices, and oils) and bring home fresh, organic produce every couple of days. It’s really nice living so close to different farmer’s markets and being able to pick up what’s in season.


What do you like to keep on hand?

Our go-to dinners are usually a combination of sautéed or roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, black rice, a big salad and different homemade dressings. And then it’s dark chocolate or a walk to Cafe Gratitude for tiramisu!

We also like to keep a lot of greens on hand! Outside of the fridge, we’ve always got sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, onions, garlic, and of course, coffee around the kitchen!


Top Shelf (From left to Right):

Canyon Greens! My favorite juice from Moon Juice. Some pasta sauce Casey got to make us chickpea pasta last week. My absolute favorite bread from Erewhon, I make almond butter toast with it every morning. We love sparkling anything. I like La Croix because I can grab one for the road! Bee pollen, I like it in smoothies, on my oatmeal or sometimes just out of the jar! Kimchi, I could live on. It goes on all my salads. The garlic spread in back is like our secret sauce, it also goes in a lot of salads and bowls. It’s sitting on top of our white miso, which I’ve been using to cook with a lot. The little turquoise basket always holds an opened avocado and usually some lemons and limes.


Top Drawer:

Dark Chocolate!! We always mix it up but my favorite is raw dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds.


Bottom shelf (From left to Right):

Loaves of bread from Surya Spa! It’s gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, and sweetened with coconut sugar. Right now we have a loaf of almond banana walnut, gingered pear & turmeric, and apple date! Some tahini in back, next to our favorite pesto, Basiltops dairy-free! Some leftover kale salad from dinner at Cafe Gratitude last night. Cashews that we keep in jars in the refrigerator to preserve their fat! Mountain Valley for both of us. Elemental bars, my go-to snack for a long day of work! We always have a bottle of white wine or rosé in the fridge! My favorite hot sauce!! I found it in Ojai and it’s probiotic! Some hemp oil hiding out behind the hot sauce. Fresh kumquats from the farmer’s market on top of the eggs.

We get fresh produce every couple of days, usually at the farmer’s markets. Right now we have fresh asparagus, carrots, purple cabbage, heads of kale and lettuce, fuji apples and oranges.”

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