Behind Closed Doors: Djuna Bel

Djuna Bel is a mother, full-time stylist and an unapologetic self-proclaimed skin care lover. Her life is a kaleidoscope of style, from her bold and aspirational aesthetic to her eye-catching vintage vesture. With such a creative approach to beauty, Djuna embraces the playful side of wellness, enjoying all it has to offer while not taking herself, or life, too seriously. Read on to discover her favorite products for glowing skin and the wellness rituals she turns to after a long day on set.

What is your skincare philosophy? 

There are a few exceptions, but if I wouldn't ingest it, I don't want to slather it on my skin either. I'm not telling everyone to go out and eat their moisturizer, but I do think about the fact that what we put on our skin gets quickly absorbed into our body in a similar way that food does.


How do you start your day?

My day usually starts with my 4 year-old child alarm clock or with a literal alarm clock when I need to be on set early.  

What is your skincare routine?


My current morning routine entails rising my face with water and then putting on a vitamin C serum. Afterwards, I like to use either Furtuna's Daily Renewal cream or Monastery's Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost to seal in hydration. After that all soaks in, I like to layer on Saie Slip Tint for SPF. 


In the evenings, I wash my face by mixing my Moon Juice cleanser with Monastery's oil cleanser and then apply a few pumps of Monastery's Flora Botanical Serum to seal in moisture. And when I have time I like to slather my body with Balmyard's Romantic Body Oil.

I do like to mix it up and lately I have been incorporating a retinol serum some nights and topping that off with either the Emma Lewisham moisturizer or January Labs moisturizer.

However, a few times a week, I skip retinol, to give my skin a little break, and instead play around with a few face masks. I like to start with a mask that is more detoxing like the LESSE Bioactive Face Masque and then finish off with a sleeping mask that is more nourishing and moisturizing.  

What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

I just started exercising again! Surprisingly, I've noticed how much it helps with my mental health.  

I also love using my steam room, because sometimes it's my only true alone time. It's magical. My steam room routine typically starts by dry brushing my whole body, applying Monastery's XX Rose Glycolic Gel as a body mask, and then popping on a hair mask. When I'm in the steam room I like to do some breath work, which I actually heard you're not supposed to do, but guess the cat's out of the bag now! 


Do you have a favorite ritual?

Besides steaming, I love giving myself an at home facial, including a full blown face and neck massage. I also really enjoy treating myself to a professional facial from time to time. 


How do you end your day?

I wish I could say something more profound or spiritual, but my day usually ends by sending out a final email or scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok. However, I never skip washing my face, moisturizing, and drinking a glass of Magnesi-OM to unwind.

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