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A lavish treat from the brilliant minds at Zenbunni, the Queen Reishi Gheenache is a nutrient dense superfood that will please your palate and soothe your soul. Loaded with Biodynamic and Organic Stone-Ground Chocolate, Full Moon-Made Ghee, and Reishi Mushroom this sumptuous concoction fills your body with Complex Bio-Active Compounds, nourishes your digestive system, lubricates your joints and brings your mind to pure bliss. Reishi Mushroom is the most clinically studied herb in medicine and acts as an exemplary neuroprotective, anti-viral, and immune boosting adaptogen that creates wellness and relieves stress in the body. This jar is the perfect midday chocolate treat to assuage a sweet tooth, tend to daily stresses, and bring you to a higher plane. 3.9 oz/111g

Gluten Free. Lactose Free.


Organic Cacao, Jaggery (Cane), Ghee, Stardust (Phycocyanin Infused Salt), Reishi Mushroom. 3.9 oz/111g.

Gluten Free. Lactose Free.

  • Queen Moon Reishi Gheenache
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