Silver Cistus Toner Night $90.00

BRAND: Julisis



Evening ritual sets the stage for moonlight repair. Clarify, balance, refine and supercharge overnight detoxification with this mineral-rich mist from master formulator Julius Eulberg. Liquid Silver fortifies a blend of Aloe, Himalayan Salt and Rockrose to work with the natural biorhythm of the skin and balance ph levels. Bring on the night. 5floz/150ml

Gluten Free. Vegan.


Apply to an organic cotton pad and swipe over the skin following the Julisis Silver Wash Night. Use whenever skin needs extra moisture or an aromatic boost.


Aqua (Spring Water), Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (Aloe Extract), Sodium chloride (Crystal Salt of Himalaya), Gylcerine (Herbal Glycerine), Parfum (Natural Essential Oil), Cistus ladaniferus (Rockrose/Cistus Extract), Sodium phytate (Natrium Salt), Linalool (natural essential oil), JLSE® (Julisis Liquid Silver Essence). 5floz/150ml

Gluten Free. Vegan.

  • Silver Cistus Toner Night
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