Created in collaboration with Japanese-born ceramicist, Shino Takeda, these colorful and playful spoons are the latest addition to our kitchen. Inspired by her mother's ceramics and memories of family meal times, Shino's playful and colorful ceramics bring people together and encourage conversation over delicious, shared meals. Excellent for tasting recipes, dosing out ingredient or up-leveling your drink ritual. We also love to put them on display as part of an inspired, thoughtful tablescape or we bring them into the bathroom to create an at home mask. Each one is different and unique and created with intention that you can feel. Bring one of a kind objects made with love into your house, and watch it transform into a home.


Please note: Each spoon is made by hand and will vary slightly in color and pattern. The spoon you see pictured may not look exactly like the one you receive, but it will be part of the same family and we promise will be just as beautiful!


Dimensions: 7" Long x 1 1/4" (spoon width)


Gluten Free. Vegan.

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Use for eating, stirring, scooping and mask making. 


Clay, glazes.

Gluten Free. Vegan.

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