Rose Pearl Hydra Mask $195.00

BRAND: Julisis



Petal soft decadence. Cold Water Seaweed, Roses and White Pearl Essence immediately flood skin with moisture to relieve dryness, irritation and redness for pearlescent skin plump with youth. Discover the skin of your dreams. 1.7floz/50ml

Gluten Free.


After cleasning, apply to skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Use warm water to remove any residue and follow with your Julisis skin care ritual.


Aqua (Spring Water), Glycerin (Veg. Glycerin), Rosa Gallica (French Rose), Natri alginat (Cold Water Seaweed), Sclerotium gum (Fermented Mushroom), Rosa damascena (Hybrid Bulgarian Rose/Persian Rose), JWPE® (JULISIS White Pearl Essence). 1.7floz/50ml

Gluten Free.

  • Rose Pearl Hydra Mask
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