Organic Eye Make-Up Remover $45.00

BRAND: Dr. Alkaitis


Nourishing almond-oil cleanser to remove makeup.


Kiss your morning raccoon eyes goodbye with this potent Mascara and Make-Up Remover from Dr. Alkaitis. Don't let its simplicity fool you; this potent and effective workhorse is not to be missed. Oil is the perfect make-up remover because like dissolves like. The Almond Oil in this Organic Mascara and Make-Up Remover gently dissolves even the toughest eye makeup with a few quick swipes. Looking this good has never been so easy. 60ml/2oz

Gluten free. Vegan


We recommend using organic cotton eye pads for application. Take two pads and dampen with warm water. Squeeze water out. Squirt oil on a pad and gently wipe across closed eyes. Re-apply as needed. Use daily.


Virgin Cold-Pressed Certified Organic Edible Almond Oil. 60ml/2oz

Gluten free. Vegan

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