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Lactose-free, grass-fed and clarified butter.


Oh Ghee, how we love you and your golden delicious ways. Ancient Organics takes the utmost care to create this ambrosia, producing their Ghee in small batches in the ancient Ayurvedic manner and only during the full moon, harnessing Earth’s life force. And in order to produce the healthiest and highest vibrational Ghee, the cows subsist on sweet Californian coastal grasses. Ghee can be used in a variety of different ways - on toast, to roast vegetables, in soup to add a yummy golden accent, and can even be used to nourish the skin. We all need healthy fats to help absorb nutrients and provide lubrication to the joints. Indulge in this heavenly treat and feed your body and soul. 473ml/16floz or 946ml/32floz

Gluten Free. Not suitable for vegans.


Use in baking, cooking or in your favorite tonic. Can also be applied externally as a salve.


Organic Butter (Milk), Cultures. 473ml/16floz or 946ml/32floz

Gluten Free. Not suitable for vegans.

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