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La Tierra Sagrada is a hair product line which bills itself as “Natural Hair Medicine”. Stefani Padilla, the creator, infuses medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca Vine Sacred Plant Essence into the oils which make up her products, thus not only feeding hair and scalp with the best of Mother Nature but also treating it with the most healing ingredients. Jojoba is a multipurpose oil which can be used for hair, face and body. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E add moisture to dry or damaged strands, while Lavender and Rosemary add shine stimulate hair follicles. A dose of Palo Santo makes this treatment oil extra special with its sacred scent and protectiveness of the spirit. Can be used on wet or dry hair. 4oz

Gluten Free. Vegan.


Apply on wet or dry hair. Massage into scalp for a treatment or use on ends for hydration and shine.


Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Rosemary, Palo Santo, Vitamin E, Ayahuasca Vine Sacred Plant Essence. 4oz

Gluten Free. Vegan.

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  • Jojoba
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