Gold Elixir Day $295.00

BRAND: Julisis


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Lightweight face serum to protect from pollution and energize skin.


Julisis draws on the ancient sciences of herbology and alchemy to create thoroughly modern skincare that synchronizes with the natural biorhythms of the skin. The purest of Gold and Red Ruby essences infuse this lightweight serum with its base of Algae, Citrus and Western herbs. Nourish the skin at a cellular level, deeply hydrate and protect from daily pollution while energizing the skin with the mineralizing powers of Gold and gemstones. This is high rolling herbal alchemy, modern and magical. 1.0floz/30ml

Gluten Free. Vegan.


Apply this serum daily in the morning immediately after cleansing and toning. Massage over moistened face and neck.


Aqua (Spring Water), Alcohol (Biograin Alcohol), Glycerine (Herbal Glycerin), JLGE® (Julisis Liquid Gold Essence), Natrii alginas (Algae), Acidum sorbicum (Rowanberry Oil), Crataegus monogina (Hawthorne), Sanguisorba officinalis (Great Burnet), Leonurus cardiaca (Motherworth), Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Hypericum perf. (St. John’s Wort Oil), Rosa gallica (Provence Rose), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Crocus sativus (Saffron), Citrus aurantium (Bigarade orange), Citrus reticulata (Tangerine), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), JLRE® (Julisis Liquid Ruby Essence). 1.0floz/30ml

Gluten Free. Vegan.

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