Abuela Azteca Bar $3.00

BRAND: ZenBunni



Bringing chocolate into the new-age, ZenBunni’s delectable microcosmic chocolate bars are our favorite sweet indulgence. Each precious bar is crafted from the finest Stone-Ground Organic and Biodynamic Cacao and spiked with herbs and medicinal plant elements to elevate the divine chocolate experience to a higher vibrational plane. The Abuela Azteca Bar is rich in Capsaicin from Organic Mixed Peppers which stimulates circulation, boosts the metabolism and increases immunity while Smoked Salt adds a unique depth of flavor. Go cosmic and indulge often. 9g

Gluten Free. Vegan.


Biodynamic & Organic Mixed Peppers, Smoked Salt, Maple Crystals, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery. 9g

Gluten Free. Vegan.

  • Abuela Azteca Bar
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